Spring Break, the Recap

25 Mar

Spring  Break was exhausting.  And fun.

We left home on Sunday & headed up to Metropolis to stay in J~’s bachelor pad so we could get a few move things done.  J~ has been in his place almost 2 months & has yet to meet any of the other tenants in his building.  Sunday night he finally had his chance.  We put the kids to bed in the bedroom, on the floor in their sleeping bags.  This was T~’s first time in a sleeping bag.  She vault’s right over the side of her pack ‘n’ play so it wasn’t worth hauling the thing around.  Unfortunately, T~ needs a cage.  She WOULD NOT settle down.  Long after the boys fell asleep, she was still dancing around the room, kicking the walls, opening & shutting the closet doors & generally being a noisy nuisance.  It’s a wonder the downstairs tenants waited an hour to come up & see what was going on.  I bet it was a shock for them.  J~’s up & about in the BP late at night or early in the morning & has never been there on a Sunday.  It was nice of them to be ‘worried’ enough to say they were checking to see if he was okay.

On Monday morning we had our drainage inspection at the new house.  While J~ was following the guy around, I took the kids for a short walk down the street.  We were quickly noticed by a 4yr old boy who was very anxious to make our acquaintance.  His Grandma/Mom, not sure which, wasn’t so eager.  Finally I had my kids stop & we introduced ourselves & chatted for a few minutes.  I hope meeting the rest of our neighbors won’t be as awkward.  After the drainage guy left, the carpet lady came & we picked out carpet for the upstairs.  J~’s favorite was a really nice, overly plush number but we chose a Frieze that will hold up well.  My winning argument was that we have a golden retriever that sheds lots of hair & a cat.  I think our vacuum will appreciate with my choice.

This walk-thru of the house gave me a chance to really picture where our stuff will go.  I think I have the layout planned & am starting to go through paint colors.  Sometimes, I even find myself getting mildly excited about the new house.

After lunch we stopped at E~’s new school & then the kids & I headed to MN to see my family.  T~ was asleep within the first 5 minutes of the drive & G~ not long after.  It took us exactly 3 hours, with only one stop.  Now if only our families were worth the stress :-)))))))

Tuesday my sister’s, my nephews, & my Mom all made the trek with us to Minneapolis to visit a zoo & do some shopping.  The zoo was fine.  It was colder in MSP than at my parent’s house so we were woefully under dressed.  Thankfully most of the animals were still inside for the winter.  The highlight of the trip was this.

We call this Rock Star Parking

We call this Rock Star Parking

Do you see it?!  There is only one car between my van & the entrance to the mall!  ONE CAR!  I’ve been visiting this blasted mall for years & I’ve never parked this close.  And the best part was it was the right entrance too!  I needed the Lego Store & that was the first shop as we walked in.

On Wed. Becky & I took the kids to our hometown for a hike & a drive.  The boys were fascinated with the idea that my childhood home was torn down to make way for a gym.  G~ was worried the same thing would happen to our current house.  I assured him no gyms will be built over our home.

Thursday we packed up & headed home.  Only before we left town, we stimulated the economy.  I have a vision of all the kids looking adorable at my sister’s wedding in coordinating outfits.  Gymboree filled the urge nicely.  The kids are going to look so great!

Here’s a few random pics

Three Toed Sloth or Ai for you Scrabble Folks

Three Toed Sloth or Ai for you Scrabble Folks

Tova holding Baby Tate

T~ holding Baby Tate

T~ was fascinated with Tate.  She was very concerned when he cried & was always trying to shove his nukkers in his mouth.  Tate handled the ‘attention’ like a pro.

Whose belly is bigger?

Whose belly is bigger?



One Response to “Spring Break, the Recap”

  1. sarah March 26, 2009 at 9:55 am #

    i told becky next time you are in my neighborhood i would love to meet up is there is time. i have NEVER gotten to park that close to MOA, lucky you! i love the pic of tova and tate and the pic of cole and tova is adorable:)

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