Happy Adoption Day!

20 Mar

Our Adoption Day in pictures!

The Provinicial Building where Tova became officially ours

The Provincial Building where T~ officially became ours

Waiting with our travel group

Waiting with our travel group

Funny story about our ‘waiting walk’.  We arrived before the babies so our group headed across the street to walk off our nerves.  The picture is of the C~ family & P~ & I’m standing next to Alison.  You can see a cow in the background.  The cow felt it was as important of a day as we did so she left us a present on the sidewalk which J~ stepped in.  You’d think a guy raised in Dairy Country MN would know better…

They're Here!!!!

They're Here!!!!

The babies arrived laying across the back seat & the nanny attempted to stack a couple of the babies & take them into the building.  We didn’t get a picture of that 😉

There she is!!

There she is!!

It's official, she's ours!

It's official, she's ours!

What a whirlwind day that was.  We had been expecting our G&R for days & then we finally get the call.  The trip out seemed to fly & take forever, all at the same time.  The arrival of the babies, the discovery of how bad T~’s cradle cap was, the ceremony, the trip back – it was such an exhilarating day.  The anticipation, the excitement, the joy of finally having our daughter in our arms.  Wow.

What an amazing journey.




2 Responses to “Happy Adoption Day!”

  1. Becky March 20, 2009 at 8:33 pm #

    What a difference 2 years makes! Happy Adoption Day Tova!

  2. Jill March 21, 2009 at 9:02 am #

    I love this – how awesome that you will be able to show her in pictures (and of course your detailed stories) of what an amazing moment this was…brings tears!

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