The Ol’ Must See TV

12 Mar

I got caught by advertising.  I haven’t watched ER in years.  I think the last season I watched was the Carter/Kem/Baby season.  So it’s been awhile.

The last few weeks I’ve been watching the reunion shows.  TV is soooo much better when J~’s not here to make fun of my choices.  Anyway, I’ve been watching ER, mainly for the returning characters.  Tonight I was excited to see Nurse Hathaway & the bonus George Clooney, assuming they’d be back at County.  But noooo.  Not only were they not at County, they had no idea who they were helping.  Talk about a tease!!!!

Does anyone else still watch ER?  Did I miss something?



One Response to “The Ol’ Must See TV”

  1. Lynn March 14, 2009 at 9:20 am #

    No, you didn’t miss anything. And I thought they made a reference to them being married since the promo pics showed George wearing a wedding ring, but no they didn’t. It was ok, but definitely not what I expected after the hype.

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