Enough of the Password Stuff

25 Feb

Cakewrecks is one of my favorite blogs.  This was her post for today & all I have to say is there is something seriously wrong with the parents, to say nothing of the girls.  I have never understood girls & women who wear Playboy stuff.  Why are they wearing clothing that advertise being objectified?

Onto other news.

G~ has a gland the size of a walnut in his neck.  He woke up Tuesday morning in quite a state.  He’s by far my whiniest kid & when he’s sick, it’s AWFUL.  I was able to get him in right away Tues. morning & it took the strep test 30 seconds to come back positive.  So far the rest of us are resisting.  J~ has laryngitis, I have another head cold but T~ & E~ are doing  just fine.  I hope it stays that way.

Today’s the first day of Lent.  I’m thinking of giving up The Big Move 😉



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