Cotton Mouth

12 Feb

My nose is so plugged it’s stopped up my brain.

I’m procrastinating folding laundry & packing for our trip to MN this weekend.  Did I ever tell you my sister is getting married this summer?  Well she is & this weekend is the big dress hunt weekend.  If there was better timing for a girls weekend, I don’t know what it would be.  So tomorrow I’ll grab the kids after school, strap them in the van & drive to MN, with a stop in Metropolis for supper at Jason’s new bachelor pad & of course, to strap J~ in the van too.  Then on Saturday my sisters & my mom & I will head to Minneapolis to do some heavy duty shopping.  If only I could breathe…

Okay, enough with the procrastinating.  Stop buzzing at me dryer!  I’m coming!



One Response to “Cotton Mouth”

  1. Elaine February 13, 2009 at 7:50 am #

    Oh, good luck with the breathing. Major shopping isn’t so much fun when you can’t breathe.

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