3 Things

25 Jan

What do these 3 things have in common?

  1. Playing Wii sports, particularly Tennis & Baseball for the first time in weeks
  2. Biking 5 mile
  3. Then Swimming .5 mile

They will leave you so sore you can’t raise your arms to wash your hair & if you make the mistake of sitting down, it’ll take a long time to get back up.  Plus all the groaning will annoy your husband who will remind you that your Wii Sports Fitness Age is 56.


I’m listening to the boys wrestle & then cry.  It’s annoying but I’m sitting so, meh.  As long as they don’t mess up the house, I’m okay.  We have a second showing on the house tomorrow morning.  I’m trying to be positive that this will result in an acceptable offer, but so far, we’ve encountered no one without a house to sell.  Is that a double negative?  The couple’s Realtor knows we can’t take a contingency so hopefully she’s not getting my hopes up for nothing.  We had a good week on the house front.  Besides the Imaginative Offer, we had 4 showings in a week.  Not too shabby for January.

The weekend has been nice.  Busy, but nice.  E~ got glasses (pics later this week), he had his first basketball game (it was a tie, but they are all ties.  When are the kids supposed to learn about being good losers?), G~ had a birthday party, T~ had 2 great naps, I went grocery shopping by myself, J~ took a nap, & I reached the half way point on all 3 parts of the Triathlon.

One more bit of randomness for you.  It goes with the whole 3 theme 😉  I keep having dreams about nursing a baby.  Do you think that means anything?  I’m completely satisfied with 3 kids.  COMPLETELY SATISFIED!  I am really & truly done with babies.  I’m picturing the day when I don’t have to carry a diaper bag & it looks so close.  I’m hoping my subconscious isn’t trying to tell me something because I’m not listening.  At least not to that!  But why all the nursing dreams?  Is it all the babies born last week?  Is it that T~ can climb out of her crib?  And no J~, it’s not the opening you’ve been hoping for 😉



2 Responses to “3 Things”

  1. Christine January 25, 2009 at 11:32 pm #

    Maybe it is because everytime you see me my boobs are hanging out? I try to remember to put them away….

  2. Lynn January 26, 2009 at 7:00 am #

    A sub concious nesting feeling due to the whole house thing?

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