House Hunter’s-Metropolis Edition

20 Jan

We spent the past weekend touring houses in Metropolis.  We did some open houses & then looked at houses with our realtor.  Of all the houses we saw, only one was currently occupied.  Some were foreclosures, some were short sales, some had been recently vacated in an effort to move up.  I’m sure the vacancy rate we’re seeing means something.  I just wish it meant a really good purchase price for us.  Anyway, here’s the top 3 from our hunt.

House #1

A lovely 2 story house with 4 bedrooms & a 2 car garage on a cul-de-sac about 3 blocks from the elementary school & 4 blocks from the high school.  The bedrooms were all on the 2nd floor & were all a good size.  The master had a nice closet & an updated bathroom.  The main floor had a large family room, a formal dining room (which we would use as an office since we don’t really do formal) & the kitchen was an eat-in with a large area for the eating part.  The backyard was huge.  It had a nice deck & patio & it was fenced.  The garage was a good size & the basement was mostly finished.  One drawback was that the laundry was in the basement & there really wasn’t a good place to move it where it would be closer to the dirty clothes.  The major downfall of this house was the kitchen.  It had been recently updated.  The range was my dream range, the cabinets were nice & there were lazy susan’s everywhere.  The problem?  It’s a one butt kitchen.  There’s no way J~ & I would work in there together & cooking with the kids would be almost impossible.  The only reason this house is still on the list is our hope that the wall between the formal dining room & the kitchen isn’t a load bearing wall & we could take it down & expand.  Such a nice house though.  Probably the first one I’ve seen that I liked enough to try & picture where our furniture would go.

House #2

A large ranch on a quiet street. It was a nice house.  Almost too nice for us.  We would never have the furniture required of a house like that.  It had a formal dining room, a den, 2 smallish bedrooms, a large master suite with a huge closet for all of J~’s jeans (he has something like 12 pair).  The master bath also had a soaker tub.  I’ve never understood the appeal of those.  Everyone I know that has one never uses it because it takes so much water.  The laundry room was awesome.  It had cabinets, closets & even a counter for folding.  Maybe with a room like that I might enjoy laundry?  Yeah, probably not.  The kitchen was okay.  It was big but there were no appliances & the owners were asking a premium for the house anyway.  The house totaled 4000 sq feet.  J~ will remind you that the basement was unfinished so apparently that square footage doesn’t count.  I was actually a little disappointed with this house.  The living room was large but the kids rooms were small.  The basement had plenty of space for a 4th bedroom but there was no place to plumb a bathroom.  The yard was small & unfenced.  It was a pretty house, but as with most houses we saw, it needed some work.

House #3

A nicely laid out 3 bed, 3.5 bath house in a nice neighborhood close to a park & city pool.  The house had a large kitchen with a large eat-in area.  The bedrooms were all a good size.  The kids rooms were upstairs with a full bath & a room at the top of the stairs that would be the perfect spot for Playmobil & Lego’s.  The master was on the main floor & is a good size with a largish closet & a bathroom with a double vanity.  It had main floor laundry.  The living area was a little small, but workable.  The basement had a 4th bedroom that would need a proper egress installed (eventually), another full bath, & a large family room, plus storage.  The yard was a nice size & was already fenced.  The major downside to this house?  It’s a foreclosure & it’s in bad shape.  A lot of hard living went on in that house.  It doesn’t smell, but it’s not pretty.  Every inch of carpet & linoleum would need to be replaced.  The shingles are curling.  The majority of the interior doors need to be replaced.  The drywall is in bad shape in certain rooms, the wood floors would need to be refinished & it’s just dirty.  It’s hard to imagine caring so little for your house.  The bank is willing to put some money into the repairs but even with that, it’s not worth the asking price.

So what did we choose?  If we were on the actual House Hunters show we would have to choose House #2,the expensive monstrosity because that makes for the best TV & the people on that show never pick the house they can afford, just the one with the huge master closet & the soaker tub.

In actuality, we chose none of them.  I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but we haven’t sold our house…



3 Responses to “House Hunter’s-Metropolis Edition”

  1. Elaine January 21, 2009 at 8:11 am #

    And in the picture you took, house number three looks so homey and nice. Ewww. I think I need to start wearing my glasses. I leaned back just a bit and glanced I what I typed and thought I accidently typed “horny nd nice.” If you can make the kitchen bigger in house 1 it sounds great what with the location and proximity to the schools.

  2. Hope January 21, 2009 at 8:35 am #

    I would like house #1, if you could expand the kitchen. Otherwise it sounds like it has pretty much everything you would want. Good Luck!

  3. Nicole Hawkinson January 21, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

    I agree with you that the soaking tub is not a need…..but, now that I have one I can get three kids in and out of the tub in no time. The girls have their own bathroom…but we always use mine b/c of the big tub! So, although I don’t use it myself, I LOVE it!

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