Wordy Wednesday

14 Jan

It’s not been a bad week but  I am going to let loose here because Jason forwarded a helpful email from our stupid relo company.

You may recall that we are trying to sell our house.  It’s been on the market for 2 months.  Not only that, but it’s been on the market for the worst 2 sales months of the year.  We’ve had a respectable number of showings.  We’ve had lots of positive feedback on the house.  We know it shows well.  It’s in a great neighborhood, close to the town’s largest employer whom always hires house buying people every spring.

J~ has been trying to get some additional relocation benefits from his company.  We feel they weren’t honest about our relo package & we know for sure that the relo company wasn’t.  You can read my feelings on that whole saga on Monday’s post.  I won’t go over it again.  Anyway, J~ talked with Relo wanting to confirm for the 8th time that we have no buyout.  It took them 4 business days to get back to him.  Apparently these people can’t read.  How hard is it to pull out a file?  Relo confirmed that we have no buyout but had some helpful advice for selling the house – lower the price.


Here’s the thing – our house isn’t overpriced.  We priced it to sell it fast.  We priced it ‘knowing’ we had a buyout which we were most likely going to need since we were selling at the worst time of the year.  So instead of asking 45,900 (not real price, but go with me) we asked $35,900 figuring that puts it below all our other competition by $5K & our house is in a nicer location, has more bedrooms, & so on & so on.  Also we were thinking that this will be much closer to the buyout price.  Ms Smartypants Reloperson wants us to lower our price to $33,000 just as we are going into the busy season with most house hunters being from out of town.  How does this make sense?

Our market is not inflated.  We never experienced the housing bubble everyone else did so our prices have remained pretty steady.  I think it’s a stupid idea.  We didn’t leave ourselves much wiggle room on the price (thanks buyout!)  & I highly doubt a couple thousand is going to bring in busloads of people.  I want to sell my house but I’m not going to give it away.

So Ms Smartypants Reloperson, unless you’re planning on coughing up the difference, I think I’ll keep the price just where it is, thankyouverymuch.

In honor of Tina Fey’s Golden Globe Speech, I’d like to say a few words.

Cartus Relocation, you can suck it.

J~’s company, you can suck it too.

Ms. Smartypants Reloperson, you can suck it.

And finally, Winter Selling Months, you can suck it & choke.


Sweetness & Light for tomorrow’s post.  I promise.


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