99 Minutes I’ll Never Get Back

3 Jan

Last night Jason & I went on a date.  It was nice to get out together sans kids but as far as dates go, it was a bust.

We ate supper at the Blue Sheep (not it’s real name but the restaurant is the name of a color & an animal).  They have great chili & bread sticks.  Most of the time that’s all I order but I was feeling gluttonous so I ordered a small New York strip with my chili.  It was not good.  I make better steaks at home, mainly because I add seasoning instead of dredging it in grease.  Ick.  It was nasty.  Even the potatoes had no flavor.  How can you make cheesy red pepper potatoes without flavor?  The chili was good as were the breadsticks but they were not worth the gutrot the steak gave me.  (tmi, I know)

After our meal we rented Baby Mama.  It was my turn to pick.  I think I’m banned from picking movies for awhile.  I haven’t picked a winner in a long time.  Baby Mama was about what I was expecting as far as plot (if you can call it that) but I thought with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler there might be a few laughs.  WRONG.  Not once did either of us so much as chuckle.  Let’s see if I can recount all the things they tried to shove into this movie.

  • There’s the surrogate thing
  • a faked pregnancy
  • a white trash boyfriend
  • a weirdo boss
  • a big business deal
  • a developing relationship with an ex-lawyer turned smoothie maker (why can’t the smoothie guy just be a smoothie guy?  Are we supposed to like him more because he used to make money but now he just makes smoothies so he’s not a total loser?)
  • the overbearing mom
  • the fertile myrtle sister
  • potty humor
  • the friendly door man
  • a baby shower
  • I think all 4 seasons were covered, out of order no less
  • an older woman who pops out babies
  • an always shifting car (that’s for you J~)
  • a club scene with an ex boyfriend
  • a courtroom scene that made no sense at all
  • a surprise pregnancy
  • & a birthday party

There was way too much stuff competing for screen time & very little of it involved plot.  Mainly because there was no need for a plot.  It didn’t take long to figure out where this movie was going.  Blech.  It was awful.  I was looking for a silly movie to supply a few laughs & we should have gone with Airplane!, or Dodgeball, or Office Space, or really just about anything would have been funnier.  Terms of Endearment & Beaches were funnier than this thing.  At least they had their moments of levity along with the tears.

Yesterday was just a yucky kind of day I guess.  We had a showing in the afternoon so the morning was spent cleaning.  During the showing we went to J~’s office to box up his stuff.  The boys were extremely helpful.  They were very eager to help clear J~’s desk & load up the boxes.  They were astounded that J~ wasn’t taking everything.  For some reason they thought J~ wouldn’t have another stapler at his new office.  I spent the entire time in tears.  I think J~ either has the emotional range of a potato or he’s upped his dose of Repressitall.  Then we had the date, followed by intermittent sleep because Tova likes to punish us for leaving her with a sitter.  Even if it was for only 3 hours.  Which coincidentally, is the amount of uninterrupted sleep I had last night.

What a great post to start the new year!



3 Responses to “99 Minutes I’ll Never Get Back”

  1. Elaine January 3, 2009 at 2:09 pm #

    I’m sorry your date was so sucky. That is why we almost never go to movies in the theater — it’s such a crap shoot. But “repressitall”? Oh my word that made me laugh!!!!

  2. love2paint January 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm #

    love the new layout!
    glad to hear i haven’t missed anything by not seeing baby mama.
    mario kart rocks! i have never played it on the wii but at one time i had an old skool n64 and i played it all the time.
    happy 09!

  3. Wendy January 4, 2009 at 7:36 am #

    DArn it- I just had Paul get that from Blockbuster for me! I was hoping as well, that it was funny. HAve you ever watched Elf? That movie is hysterical. Has our kind of humor in it!

    Sorry your date was bad. I didn’t get a lot of sleep either last night if it makes you feel any better! My little Girlfriend is cluster feeding!

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