Gift Ideas

7 Dec

It’s that time of year again!

You know, when all the easy (to shop for) people on your list are done & now you have to buy for the difficult “I don’t know what I want” people.  Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas.

Banangrams.  This game is wonderful.  You can play it alone, you can play it in a large group.  G~ loves it, E~ loves it, I’ve yet to meet anyone normal who doesn’t like this game.  Even ‘I hate Scrabble’ J~ enjoys a good game of Bananagrams.  If you can read, you’ll probably enjoy this game.

For my kids teachers, Don’t Read!

My parents are both teachers.  I loved the last day of school before Christmas break for many reasons but my favorite thing about that day was ALL THAT CANDY!  Turtles, chocolate covered cherries, peanut brittle, fudge, you name it, we had a little tin of it.  While I enjoyed that, I think my parents were getting a little tired of all the candy.  Not that they ever said that, but now that it’s just the two of them, that candy lasts a long time.  I decided when E~ hit Kindergarten that I would buy his teachers (school & Sunday School) one of my favorite things, Penzey’s Spices.  For school teachers I usually give hot chocolate mix & cinnamon sticks.  Or I include the Pizza Seasoning.  This years I’m incorporating my newest favorite, Chicken Taco.  It’s a useful gift & I’ve heard that it’s appreciated.  One Sunday School teacher was a little upset when she no longer had any of my kids because she’d have to get her own Hot Chocolate.  Some of my other suggestions would be Vanilla, Cinnamon, Vanilla Sugar, & Pepper.  If you know your teacher is a cook or just likes to eat, there’s tons of blends & spices to choose from.  If you need any suggestions, I have tons.

At our elementary school, Star Wars reigns supreme.  E~ & G~ are obsessed with Stars Wars.  E~’s obsession takes the form of Lego’s & G~’s is the action figures.  I have found something that will satisfy them both.  This book is chock full of cross-section pictures of the Star Wars ships.  The DK Star Wars series books disappear from the school library shelves faster than any other series, so I’m confident in saying  this book will be a huge hit.

For the baby or toddler on your list, I suggest Baby Legs.  T~ has a couple of pairs & I originally bought them because they are extremely cute.  Besides being really cute, they are actually very useful.  I put them over regular tights to jazz up a Sunday dress.  I put them under pants on really cold days to cover the gap between her socks & pant leg.  When she’s sick, I’ll put them on her to speed up diaper changes.  My friend Julie has put them on her daughter when O~ in the hospital.  They have tons of uses.  And they’re cute.  Have I mentioned that yet?

For the  person on your list who collects DVD’s you can’t go wrong with The Office series or Arrested Development.  The recipient would have to like smart humor in order to really enjoy these, but if you tell them that ahead of time then they’ll never tell you they don’t like it because then you’d think they were stupid 😉

Lastly, Etsy is another great place to find unique gifts for the unique person on your list.

Have fun shopping!



3 Responses to “Gift Ideas”

  1. Elaine December 8, 2008 at 6:15 am #

    We love Banangrams in our house, too! It is a great game. And I know somebody who would love, love that Star Wars book. But, I have to admit, your first paragraph gave me an unintentional chuckle. “The easy people on your list . . .” *Chortle* “Easy people.” I am so twelve, apparently.

  2. Kristen December 8, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    I changed it so the people on my list won’t wonder what I really meant by ‘easy’. Twelve indeed! 😉

  3. Julie December 9, 2008 at 12:50 pm #

    Alright – I just ordered the Bananagrams. A little gift for our house and one for a gift exchange. This way, I can totally blame you if the person doesn’t like it! Hope all is well!

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