2 Weeks, 0 Showings

17 Nov

Remember the Real Estate rule?  It’s all about Location, Location, Location.


It’s really all about Timing, Timing, Timing.

A little piece of advice.  If you are considering selling your house in a depressed economic climate, partially caused by housing, with an ensuing credit crisis, DON’T!!!!!!!

It’s so frustrating to know we have a great house at a great price & no one wants to even come look at it.  So many things I wish we had done differently, but it’s best not to go down that road.  It’s probably not good to regret a move you haven’t made yet…

So, for the record.  We have not sold our house (ha!), we don’t have a house to buy yet, we don’t know when we’re moving, we don’t know when we’re looking for a house, J~ starts in Dec. but that date seems to be influx, the kids are doing fine with the move, I, on the other hand, am back to crying about it almost daily.  For now, it’s best to not talk about the move stuff.  Let’s stick to the weather for general conversation.

On to something else.

We had a busy weekend.  My Uncle Roger came to town to do a presentation to our church on a mission project he’s involved in.  The presentations went well.  I hope our church will move forward & do something with the project, but only time will tell.

We had a lot of fun with Roger.  I think the boys exhausted him with all the stories, tickling, & of course, the 21 kid birthday party.

I know.  I AM insane.

G~ has never had a friend birthday party.  We’ve always gotten by with having a few of our friends & their kids over or there was the year his birthday landed on a Youth Group Sunday.  Because of the move, I decided he should have a friend party.  We only had 2 kids not come & 2 siblings tagged along.  It went surprisingly well.  The party was at a local church which has a great indoor play area.  The kids had a great time.  We had a few bonked heads, but no broken glasses.  The kids decorated their own cupcakes (I’m lazy like that) & gave G~ lots of new toys to make his brother jealous.

This week is the start of The Long Goodbye.  On Wednesday I’m getting together with my group of Mom Friends for a Mom’s Night.  No idea if this is the official last Mom’s Night for me, but this one is shrouded in secrecy so I’m fairly certain it’ll be a lot of fun.

T~’s pooped.  Again.  I thought E~ was regular, but compared to him, T~’s a walking can of Metamucil.



One Response to “2 Weeks, 0 Showings”

  1. Jill November 17, 2008 at 11:02 pm #

    Hang in there. We’ll be praying for you and everything that’s involved.

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