11 Nov

We have quite possibly the best behaved, smartest dog of all dogs.

We bought Charlie when she was 9months old from a woman who didn’t have time for her (yes, she named her Charlie knowing she was a girl).  Charlie was an outside dog & we wanted an inside dog.  It didn’t take Charlie long to adapt to her new surroundings & become the ultimate, overgrown lap dog.  We kennel trained her right away & for years, that was her spot.  She loved her kennel.  She was probably more nervous than we were the first night we let her stay out of her kennel all night.  We stopped using the kennel probably 6 years ago.  We moved it to our current house but it went straight to the attic.

Last night, J~ pulled the kennel out so we could put Charlie in it for the 3hour realtor tour.  All he had to do was say “Kennel!” & she went right in.

I guess some commands are hard to ignore.  I wonder why it’s never worked for “come!”?



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