Where to Start?

5 Nov

I’m sure you are all dying to know how the concert was & if there are still tickets available for the St Louis show.  The concert was wonderful & yes, you can still catch them in St Louis or even Kansas City.  Well worth the trip.  Jordan takes his shirt off, need I say more?

The whole weekend was a blast.  T~ traveled like a seasoned pro, only screaming as we were waiting to deplane in Tampa.  I couldn’t blame her, I was ready to scream too.  She was squirmy & refused to sleep, but I had patience in spades (a rare occurrence) & our seat mates were accommodating on all flights.

My friend, the Original T~ (from here on referred to as OT~) met us at the airport & we met her 2 little boys, J~ & L~.  When we arrived at OT~’s place, we talked until late & we all crashed about midnight.  On Saturday we headed to St Petersburg to the beach.  On the way we stopped at Hungry Harry’s, one of the best barbque places I’ve ever eaten at.  The pulled pork sandwich was on garlic toast, yummmm.

T~ loved the beach.

Tova, J~ & L~

T~, J~ & L~

On Sunday, we went to OT~’s church, took a nap, ate at an awesome Cuban restaurant & then headed to the St Pete’s Times Forum for the NKOTB Concert.

As you’d expect, the crowd was mostly women.  There were a handful of men sprinkled in the crowd, but you could tell they were there under duress.  I have always wanted to see NKOTB in concert.  My parents wouldn’t let me go (I think that’s the story ;-)) when I was really in love with the group so I’ve waited to see this concert for 18+ years.  They sang a good mix of old & new stuff.  It was weird to see Donny Wahlberg all blinged out instead of in army fatigues (I’ve been watching Band of Brothers).  Joey wore jeans that were probably painted on, Jordan took his shirt off, Danny did some break-dancing that was pretty cool, & Jonathan was featured very little, & seemed happy with that.  I wonder how much convincing it took to get him to do the reunion tour.

I will admit, I was on my feet for Hangin’ Tough & I screamed like a preteen girl when Jordan whipped off his shirt. I also am going to find Hangin’ Tough & put it on my MP3 for my sporadic workouts.

The only downer to the concert was the two drunk girls who sat next to us.  They were really obnoxious & had the potential to ruin the concert, but they kept leaving to either find more beer, smoke, or potty.  OT~ & I were mostly able to ignore them, which they didn’t like but I suppose it was better than trying to toss them off the balcony, which is what we wanted to do 😉

On Monday, I packed up our stuff, & OT~ & I took the little kids to the Aquarium.  We had a lot of fun there & my T~ threw her biggest fit of the weekend.  Not too bad, really.  We caught our flights with plenty of time, T~ slept from Tampa to Atlanta, we had plenty of time in Atlanta & then we arrived home at 10:30 Monday night.

I’m so glad I went & soon I’ll get some pictures posted.

On Tuesday night we met with our Realtor & the sign went in the yard this morning.  I’m sad to see it there.  If you know anyone that’s looking for a great 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in a great neighborhood, send them my way.



2 Responses to “Where to Start?”

  1. Jana November 6, 2008 at 11:18 am #

    Glad you enjoyed the concert! We also thought here that Jonathan totally wanted to stay in the background. And I’m totally putting Hanging Tough on my ipod!

  2. Teresa November 7, 2008 at 6:36 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed the concert – have to say Joey singing “Single” was my favorite part”. I downloaded ALL (and I do mean all – old and new) the NKOTB songs to my MP3, much to Derrick’s dismay – it was fun to listen to and recognize the songs before the concert!

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