House Hunting: Trip 1

30 Oct

To set the scene for this trip I need to say a few things about my current home.  While there are things I don’t like, overall, we have a great house.  The kitchen is nice, the living spaces are large, the bedrooms are big, the bathroom has a double sink, built-ins, privacy, & wonderful neighbors.  Our house sits on roughly 2/3acre & the backyard is wooded & has a river running through it.  The only neighbors we have to the back is the occasional deer & the %@~^ beaver.  On one side of the house is a retired couple who likes to mow our front yard, & on the other side is an empty house that is well cared for by it’s owner (the owners live a few blocks away & we were told they keep the house for sentimental reasons, I think they just have a lot of crap to store).  When we bought this house, we were instantly sold on the huge family room.  There’s a huge fireplace, a pool table & still plenty of space for watching tv & collecting Lego’s.  This was going to be the house the kids graduated from High School.  I’m going to miss our house.

A few of the things we were looking for in a new house were a 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a more open floor plan & a flat yard.  What we found were houses with 2car garages, 3 bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms & mostly flat yards.

House #1

It’s in a great neighborhood only a few blocks from the elementary school.  The street is quiet & J~’s drive to work would be less than 10 minutes.  I’m not a huge fan of the “garage with a house attached” look, but it’s what’s out there.  The house itself has a lot of potential.  It has 3 bedrooms with plenty of room for a 4th in the basement.  It had 3 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, & a nice sized family room.  The basement was mostly finished & was huge.  Plenty of room for the pool table.  It also had a nice, but smallish yard, & a great screened deck.  On the downside was small bedrooms, an outdated kitchen, & a yippy dog on the other side of the fence.  Since we have a dog & kids, this has the potential to be annoying.  The kitchen was in good shape but everything was original to the house (built in the early 80’s).  Eventually I’d have the kitchen redone & we’d have the kitchen of our dreams.  Oh, & there was wallpaper in one of the bathrooms, floral wallpaper.  I hate wallpaper.  It was a nice house though & one I’d like J~ & the boys to look at this weekend.

House #2

This house was pretty nice.  Great neighborhood with lots of kids.  The kitchen was huge with lots of storage.  The living room was a good size, the basement had lots of potential, the yard was a decent size, & there was a park just down the block which I could see from the screened deck.  Again, the bedrooms were small & the basement wasn’t quite done.  This has been J~’s favorite house all along so I’m anxious to hear what he thinks about it after seeing it in person.

I think I saw a total of 8 houses & these are the 2 that I liked the most.  There was one other that I liked but it’s off the market now.  It had the nicest basement of all the houses, but through the backyard was a 2 story house on a little hill & it made the backyard feel really closed in.

I did find myself questioning our decision to move a few times during the trip.  I have complained often that our current town lacks good restaurants & a Target, but when it comes down to it, I really like the small town feel of our current town.  I like that I know people most places I go.  I’m sad to think of raising the kids as ‘city’ kids.  Not that they were going to be country kids anyway, but I loathe the idea of them missing out on the good things a smaller town has to offer.  J~ will argue that we could move to one of the small bedroom communities just outside Metropolis, but I don’t like that idea much either.  I really don’t want T~ to be the only non-white person in town.

I think I’m allowed a few moments of panic.  I’m sure I’ll feel better & excited about the move once we get the home situation figured out.

On to something else.

T~ & I leave for Florida tomorrow!!!!!  I can’t wait!!!!  I’m so excited to introduce my T~ to the original T~.  I’m really looking forward to the concert too.  Everyone that has been to a recent NKOTB concert has really enjoyed it.  I’m excited to relive my jr high years for a night.  Probably ended with a drink or two which would definitely be different than my jr high days 😉



One Response to “House Hunting: Trip 1”

  1. Elaine November 7, 2008 at 12:34 pm #

    We had a hard time findng a four bedroom house, too. What’s with all the three bedrooms? So we have one that has four, but the fourth was added in the basement a few years after the house was built. And can I just say that I don’t like having my kids in the basement? I’m too worried about them getting trapped if there is a fire or something. I worry a lot. 🙂

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