29 Oct

That’s what time the boys were up this morning.

They didn’t fall asleep last night until after 9:30 (after 20 minutes of sitting in separate deserted hallways, they were begging to be let back into their beds.  They were lucky I didn’t make them sit outside after the musical beds & confiscated toys).  They should be good & tired tonight, right?


Today has been a killer day.  E~ had his Halloween parade this morning (it was freezing!), we had playgroup, G~ had his Halloween party, the moving company came to assess the house, I was E~’s library volunteer, & then the Realtor was coming at 3:30 to take pictures of the house.  Plus there was that last minute cleaning that needed to be done.

I’m tired.  I wonder if I can squeeze in a nap before supper & E~’s parent/teacher conference.

I’m feeling relieved to have the first walk through done.  It was nothing big.  Makes me wonder why I’ve been killing myself the last 2 days to make sure everything is clean & put away.  I was envisioning him taking pictures of the laundry room & closets & I’m not quite sure what he took pictures of.  Oh well.  It’s done & now we’re onto maintenance.  I’m very curious to see his market assessment.  There’s a house up the street that’s on the market & I popped in to their open house this past weekend.  I think my house is nicer (of course).  If they can ask that price, then we’ll undercut them a few thousand & we have nicer flooring 😉

I am trying to resign myself to a late January/early February move.  I haven’t seen much for bridge loans & while we have a great house, November, December, & January aren’t generally big months for real estate.  I guess I can think about decorating for Christmas after all.

Did I just type Christmas?  What’s wrong with me?

I know I promised a post about house hunting.  I haven’t started it yet but tomorrow I have only a half dozen things on the calendar so I should have time to knock that out before I leave for FLORIDA on FRIDAY!



One Response to “5:30”

  1. Julie M. October 30, 2008 at 8:06 am #

    Have fun at the NKOTB concert! What else are you doing in Florida?

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