28 Oct

A post 2 days in a row!

I’m procrastinating.

The realtor who will be selling our house is coming by on Wed. afternoon to take pictures & get the house listed.  I have been in a panic about getting the house cleaned for his little tour.  J~ is away on a business trip & the house is a construction zone/usual mess.

I made good progress last night.  The downstairs kitchen, bathroom, guest bedroom & tv half of the family room are pretty much done.  That leaves the pool end of the room, desk, & the boys room for the basement, the upstairs kitchen, bathroom, & my room left to do.  I am avoiding the desk & pool table like the plague.  I’m fighting the urge to just pitch all toys I find & shove all the papers on the desk in a box & let J~ deal with them later.  Oh & the leaves in the front need to be raked too.  I plan on raking them to the hill & letting the wind take care of the rest.

Plus we now have a hiccup on the home buying end.  We had thought we could secure a bridge loan so we can all live in the same state if our current home doesn’t sell.  J~ talked to a bank last night who didn’t think anyone was doing bridge loans anymore.  Sweet!  Just what I wanted to hear!  We have 90 days to sell the house before the relocation company buys it, which if I can get the house on the market this week, puts a potential moving date at the end of January.  I’ve always heard that’s the best time to move. I don’t relish the thought of being a single parent for 2 months & the kids are all geared up for new schools after Christmas.  I had thought that seemed like a good transition.  Now it’s all up in the air.  Just when I was starting to feel okay about all the changes…

Of course, I could be worrying about nothing.  We could sell the house on our own & all of this worry could be moot.  It seems sort of trivial to ask for your prayers on selling our house with all the other people with greater needs, but if you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate it.  A prayer for my sanity would be nice too 😉

I promise I’ll get a post up soon about T~ & my house hunting trip.

COUNTDOWN! 3 days till Florida & 5 days to the concert!



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