27 Oct

There’s no better word to describe my last few weeks.  Has it really been just a week since my last post?  It feels like a month.

Our house is still not listed.  Too much to do, too little time.  We have most of the big projects done, painting, drywall, carpet, etc.  It’s the little things like putting rooms back together & the major clean that’s sucking the life out of me now.  I have T~’s room pretty much done.  I’ve cleaned off my dresser & am starting on my closet.  The boys are supposed to be working on their respective toys but only E~ is making a half-hearted attempt.  T~ is playing the piano to help pass the time.  I think we may have a concert pianist on our hands.

So to recap the last month week I’m going to use bullets (in no particular order)

  • Finished painting the family room.  J~ & I finally finished that project about midnight on Saturday.  The room looks great.  Well, it will when all the furniture is put back & the pool table is cleared off & the outlets have covers & & &
  • Finished painting both bathroom cabinets.  It only took a month, but it’s done!  I’m so sick of paint.  I’m a little disappointed in how the upstairs bathroom is holding up.  The cabinet looks great with new paint but the paint is peeling off.  I sanded & primed the cabinet & doors but for some reason, it’s not sticking.  I’m hoping I can just touch up as needed & let the new owners deal with the paint.
  • Bagged & delivered other peoples stuff.  We have very generous friends who have graciously loaned us all sorts of clothes & shoes.  Now it has to go back.  I’m trying to get rid of T~’s clothes too so if anyone knows of a little girl who will need summer stuff, let me know.  I have tons.

******Important Question!  How do you keep a baby doll swaddled so your delightful daughter will stop bugging you every 3 minutes to rewrap said baby?  She’s driving me insane!******

Okay, back to the bullets

  • Cleaned out linen cabinet
  • Cleaned off 2 bookshelves
  • Went through 8 years of the kids Professional (I use the term loosely since most of the pictures were done at Walmart) pictures & decided what to keep & what to pitch
  • Cleaned out the baby toys
  • Decluttered the kitchen counter for the 8th time.  I swear that counter is a stuff magnet.  I cleaned it before lunch & it already looks like this.

    Kitchen Catch-All

    Kitchen Catch-All

  • Cooked a few meals
  • Made contact with a realtor to sell the house & one for buying a house
  • Looked for a preschool in Metropolis
  • Looked for a house in Metropolis
  • Freaked out about moving to suburbia

More on those another time.

And the countdown begins.  Only 4 more days until T~ & I leave for Tampa, & only 6 more days until my NKOTB concert!



3 Responses to “Overwhelmed”

  1. Wendy October 27, 2008 at 7:37 pm #

    My friend saw the NKOTB concert in DC and said it was fab! I had the opportunity to go but her seats were way up and it was a school night. My preggger self couldn’t have handled it! Blow Jordan a kiss for me! 🙂

    As for girls clothes, if you are up to mailing it, I accept any donations! 🙂

    and for keeping the baby swadled, what bout taping the blanket with clear packing tape? You must have some of that lying around?? 🙂
    Here’s praying for your strength and sanity!

  2. Elaine October 27, 2008 at 8:05 pm #

    I have a counter, or two, or three, that mysteriously collect things like that. Where does it come from? Why does it happen? What the heck?????

  3. Tonya @ A Day in the Life of a MaMa October 27, 2008 at 10:08 pm #

    I have 3 friends that just went to the NKOTB concert last Friday. They said it was AWESOME!

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