13 Oct

I was going to do my photo contest entry today & then the fiber optic cables running to our area were cut.  Stupid Road Construction Workers!

So now instead of having to decide between B & C, I will submit nothing & try not to be bitter about it.

Can I complain for a minute?

I’m exhausted.  Emotionally & physically exhausted.  I feel as if I’ve been working non-stop for a week now & I still have a week or more worth of work to do.  Ugh, the painting!

The downstairs bathroom, the kitchen, the upstairs bathroom & finally the large family room all are in process of being painted.  Oh & the ceilings downstairs.  All so we can enjoy them  for about 9 weeks & then leave it for someone else to paint over it.  Why are we doing it then?  Because we need the equity from this house to buy a new house & we need our beloved house to show well.

Besides the painting there’s the windows that need cleaned & the walls that need wiped downs & the stuff that needs to be pitched.  I lay awake at night making lists of what needs to be done & prioritizing jobs.  It’s exhausting.

On a bright note, we had a wonderful day today.  E~ & G~ were off for Columbus Day so we gathered a group of friends & headed to an area park for a picnic.  The weather was perfect, the company was wonderful & the kids were filthy by the time we got home.  A sure sign of a good day.  I’m going to miss my friends.

Enough for today.  I have work to do!



2 Responses to “Crap!”

  1. Julie M. October 13, 2008 at 7:59 pm #

    Hey, I have something for you at my place you can pick up and pass on if you want…Check it out. When you get there, you may have to scroll down a ways.

  2. Tonya October 14, 2008 at 3:23 pm #

    I’m glad I haven’t had to try and sell a house yet. I hear it is exhausting and just thinking about it makes me tired. I totally understand leaving friends behind. But your a fun person and you’ll make friends so quick.

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