The Irony of Sameness*

9 Oct

This has the potential to be a long rambling post.  Grab a drink, a snack, & you might need a Kleenex (that seems to depend on your proximity to me).  You’ve been warned.

I’m not a good secret keeper.  I should rephrase, I can keep your secrets just fine.  I just can’t keep my own.   I never understood people who could keep their pregnancies a secret for 3 months.  With each of my pregnancies, friends, family, & strangers were told within 3 minutes of the two blue lines appearing on the pregnancy test.  I have a hard time not sharing the big & little details of my life.  I’m an open book.

That makes this past month absolute torture.  I have been sitting on some potentially big news & couldn’t tell people.  I told a few people, merely in a research capacity 😉 but for the majority of our friends & family, our news will be a shock.

Are you ready?  Can you stand the suspense?

We’re moving to More Northern Midwest State.

In December.

Of this year.

J~ has accepted a position with his company at a research station near Metropolis (not the town’s real name.  Just trying to preserve a little bit of anonymity).

J~ is excited for the challenges in his new position.  He’s been happy with his current job but when this position came to his attention we talked for many hours about whether this would be a good career & family move.  We both think it will be.

There are very few places in the company that we would move & the new station is one that we had always said would be a good place.  The biggest benefit to our kids, besides the closer proximity to Target, wait, that’s a benefit for me, will be the shortened distance to grandparents.  Instead of a 6-7 hour trip, it’ll be 3.  We’re all looking forward to having greater involvement of our extended family in our lives.

That being said, we’re heartbroken to leave our IL family.  For 10 years you have embraced us & loved us & been with us through pregnancies, adoption, & many other life changes.  We have been so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community.  I don’t have words to express how hard it is to leave all of you.  We stopped looking for our IL exit after about 2 years here.  It was not a stretch to see our kids graduate from high school here.  I had our lives mapped out.  I’ve been happy with the schools, I imagined the kids being part of different teams & I was so looking forward to being a band parent in IL’s best marching band.

Now we’re entering the great unknown.  Will G~’s preschool be as good as his current school?  I highly doubt it, the bar is set pretty high.  Will E~ find another wonderful neighborhood friend?  Will T~ flip out & need to be surgically attached to me?  Will we find another church family as welcoming & wonderful as our current family?  It’s very hard for me to leave the well-liked known for the scary unknown.

But I’m slowly gearing up for the challenge.  I’ve mostly stopped crying when I tell people we’re moving (this post doesn’t count).  I’m anxious to start the house hunt.  I’m working like a mad woman trying to get the house in order.  I hope to be ready to list it in about 2 weeks.  Carpet next week, paint, a massive house clean, & a yard clean up are in order before I’ll feel ready to stick the sign in the yard.  The company makes moving as stress free as possible.  Gotta love packers! (Not the football team.)  My biggest concern is finding the right schools.  E~ will blossom where ever he ends up.  G~ is a bit more persnickety.  His current class is phenomenal & will be very hard to replace, a fact he’s becoming more & more aware of.

The kids are really doing fine with the move.  E~’s excited.  He’s not big on emotion (unless G~ does something to him) so I don’t see him being too sad about this until after the move.  He’s definitely in the ‘big adventure’ camp.  Not to rag on E~, but he is seriously oblivious to the obvious.  I think if we dropped him off at a new school tomorrow, he’d be “this is a new school?  If you say so.” & walk in as if he owned the place.  Sometimes being a floater is a good thing.

G~ is all about his friends.  He’s already feeling sad about leaving his neighbor friend & his class.  He keeps talking about when we come back to visit & who is going to come & visit us.  He’s also obsessed with the idea of moving to a dairy farm.  Obsessed.

I have no idea either.

I’ve stressed we’re not moving to a farm & if he feels that strongly about it, & he does, he can buy a farm after he graduates from college.  Our current compromise is that we’ll talk about buying a dairy farm in 10 years.  Whatever works, right?

T~ is T~ & will pick up on my stress but being not quite 2, she’ll adjust.

Whew, this did get long!  Just a few more details to cover & then I’ll be done.

J~’s looking at a start date of 12.1.08.  The kids & I will be here until Christmas Break.  J~’s hoping to split time between his old office & his new office, so both places will hopefully have an easy transition.  We anticipate spending Christmas at our new place~.  I’ve had a few people ask if we’re taking the pets.  It seems like such an odd question, but yes, they are both going with us.  I’d rather set myself on fire, than give them away.  How was that for dramatic?

Did you make it all the way through?  Congratulations!  I’m sure this will be a constant source of blog fodder for the next few months, so I hope you enjoyed it!


* I’ve had a post I’ve been working on titled Sameness sitting in my drafts for a few months now.  J~ & I were talking this summer about how we weren’t facing any new changes.  We’re done having kids, his job was secure & fulfilling, I was happy with my role, life was looking calm.  God does have a sense of humor.


8 Responses to “The Irony of Sameness*”

  1. Heather October 9, 2008 at 11:17 pm #

    What an exciting change for your family! But how sad for those of us in Rural City. I’ll send the rest of my thoughts via email :o)

  2. Julie October 10, 2008 at 9:02 am #

    So much for avoiding two state’s taxes, huh? I’m really excited for you guys. I think it will be an exciting adventure and a very interesting couple of months! Let me know if I can do anything!

  3. Jenny October 10, 2008 at 12:18 pm #

    Do I get a prize for reading the entire blog?

  4. Tonya October 10, 2008 at 2:10 pm #

    Wow totally didn’t see that one coming. You’ll survive the move we did. And that is a tough place to leave, even if people talk bad about it. It still feels like home when I go back.

  5. Christine October 10, 2008 at 2:27 pm #

    Congratulations on your exciting new adventure! Youguys will all be missed! Let me know if I can help with the kids any while you’re busy getting house stuff ready.

  6. Julie M. October 10, 2008 at 4:29 pm #

    Wow, Kristen! Congratulations to you guys! You will love living closer to your families. I remember the first time I went over to your house w/Tonya and you were pregnant but didn’t know what you were having. I also remember G~ (as a infant) was laying on the floor in your living room crying–one of many victims of Thomas’ bad biting habit. You guys will be missed!

  7. sarah October 11, 2008 at 4:38 pm #

    congrats on the move! it sounds like a positive change for u in the family.
    i think it is silly when people ask if you are bringing the pets. DUH. they are family too.

  8. The Boulter's October 11, 2008 at 10:50 pm #

    We are very excited for your family taking on this new life adventure!

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