Count Down to School

17 Aug

Only 2 more days of Summer Vacation.  I’m not sure if I’m excited by that or if it’s depressing.  I’m excited to be down 1 kid for 8 hours/day but not ready to get out of bed before 8am.  I’ve heard good things about E~’s teacher, but he doesn’t have any of his good friends in his class.  E~ says he’s both excited & nervous about second grade.  I’m feeling the same way.

G~ doesn’t start till after Labor Day so I have a few more weeks to whip him into shape.  I’m looking forward to my afternoons with only a sleeping baby to deal with.

We’re going to try to cram another trip to the pool in before Wed. & maybe a play date as well.  I’m really wishing the Olympics had started a week earlier.  We’ve been up late every night watching swimming, diving, gymnastics, & track & field.  How can we put the kids to bed right before Michael Phelps’ big race?  I’m not finding the gymnastics all that compelling so that’s easy to skip.  It’s been nice to have something interesting to watch at night, & the little snippets of The Office have me all geared up for the Sept. 25 return.

This post is feeling rather uninspired so I’m going to publish it & check in on the Olympics.  Ack, it’s just gymnastics.  Hmm, what else can I blather on about…



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