All I Got On Vacation Was A Black Eye

12 Aug

Over the next few days I’ll bore you with pictures from our trip.  Tonight is a small dose since J~ is watching the Twins on the Slingbox, downloading a new version of Slingbox & adding more friends on Facebook (but not taking his turn on Wordscraper/Scrabulous, grrr).  It seems to be a bit more than our internet connection can handle.

Our first stop was Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal.  I was a little concerned about G~ & his darkness aversion but he did pretty well.  He held my hand pretty tightly at first but then relaxed & enjoyed the last half of the tour.  He wasn’t happy when the guide turned out the lights but handled it without screaming so Success!

Place where Tom & Becky left their love letters

Place where Tom & Becky left their love letters

Our own Tom, Becky & a spare at Mark Twain Cave

Our own Tom, Becky & a spare at Mark Twain Cave

T~ has been a little hard on her head & face.  Before we left on our trip, T~ had to make a stop at the dr.’s office for a swollen eyelid.  She’d had a mosquito bite Thursday night & on Sat. morning, her eyelid was almost swollen shut.  The dr. didn’t think it was an infection or a sty so we drugged her with some allergy medicine & headed out.  The first hour in the hotel, she fell off the bed.  T~ discovered on our second night that if you trip on the bed & hit the corner of the stupid granite topped night stand, you can nearly earn a trip to the ER.  As she was falling, I was thinking, this will be our first set of stitches.  It was one of those falls that you watch it happen but can’t do anything about it.  She has a nice shiner instead of stitches & I’m extremely thankful.

Tova's Shiner

T~'s Shiner

Tomorrow’s Installment:  The City Museum



3 Responses to “All I Got On Vacation Was A Black Eye”

  1. romperroom August 12, 2008 at 8:02 pm #

    At least it wasn’t a broken leg! Nice shiner though. That could have earned you a visit with child services! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip. Tell J~ to hurry up with his move.

  2. Jenny August 12, 2008 at 8:11 pm #

    Yah! Tell J~ to make his moves! I’m glad you guys are back safe and sound. Bye!

  3. Jill August 12, 2008 at 10:06 pm #

    What a trip! We loved seeing you all on Sunday! I still laugh at the boys running up and down to ride the slide! Looking forward to more pictures from the trip!

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