Anniversary Post

26 Jul

I realized this morning that I didn’t do a very good anniversary post.  I couldn’t sleep last night due to my hip so I decided to blog myself to sleep instead.  I know, whine, whine, groan, groan.  J~’s heard enough too. 😉


It’s shocking to me that we’ve been married for 11 years.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

The best part about the last 11 years is that I have spent them with my best friend.  There is no one I’d rather spend my time with.  Last year when we spent almost 4 weeks together with only T~ as a distraction, I realized how much I had been missing my husband.  It was wonderful to wake up each morning knowing that we had a whole day to reconnect.   We made the most of our time together. All the stress we were under drew us closer together & I remembered why I depend so much on J~.  As hard as it was for me to be without the boys, the time J~ & I had together was very precious to me.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend!  I love you!



One Response to “Anniversary Post”

  1. JennyB. July 27, 2008 at 9:06 pm #

    Happy Anniversary!! This is a very sweet post. I wish you many more years of love and happiness.

    So sorry about your hip! Watch out for those wet sidewalks. They will get you every time! 🙂

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