Did You Know…

9 Jun

That kids are supposed to have a Well Baby check up at 15 months?

I was reminded of that today at T~’s 18 month check up. Apparently the kids even get shots at 15 months. Lucky T~ got them today.

Here are her stats for those who are interested (Becky 🙂 ).

  • 24 lbs
  • 32.5in tall
  • 18in head circumference

She’s 75th for height, 50th for weight & 25th for head circ. I was glad to see the head circ. percentile jump from 10% to the 25%. She can now wear hats in the 12-18 size rather than the 0-6.

She’s making great strides in her speech development. She says quite a few words, Mom (said loudly & with a demanding tone), daddy (said sweetly), Gabo (G~), Buba (E~), her favorite – Pablo, bye, nigh nigh, go, shoes, more, mind, no, poop, hi, & Hey baby. She imitates pretty much anything she hears.

She has no interest in finding body parts other than her nose (She’s going to be a picker). The only animal sound she makes is Moo. All other animals just says Hi.

She loves books & her current favorites are Silly Sally & Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. She loves to color & push her doll stroller or shopping cart. When she’s outside, she usually carries around a ball & a plastic bat or pushes her Cozy Coupe into the street. She loves going on walks & bike rides. She still hates her car seat.

She’s pretty advanced in the gross motor area. She’s been walking for years, & running is her main mode of transportation. She just recently learned to jump, a skill not usually mastered until 2 or 3. She’s also a climber. I find her in many interesting places, but that’s another blog post. Today I watched her get a doll stroller caught by a shopping cart & she was able to figure out how to get the two untangled. I was impressed not just by the skills that took but also by her patience. She can also get up & down stairs without any problems & has recently figured out how to open doors.

That’s a glimpse of my little girl at 18 months. She’s a lot of fun & I love watching her conquer the world.



One Response to “Did You Know…”

  1. Sarah June 10, 2008 at 8:59 am #

    That post and the picture of the three kids on the page title make me more excited, than I was before, to see your kids. I cant wait for Thursday!

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