Ready, Set, Summer!

22 May

Today is the last day of school.  Tomorrow Summer Vacation starts.  We’re celebrating by camping.  It’s shaping up to be a nice weekend.  Our new bike rack came, the tent is sealed, the food is bought, all that’s left is mountains of laundry & gathering the rest of our crap stuff & packing.  Should be easy.

The Snack Stand was a huge success.  G~ ran the stand yesterday after we had a little advertising snafu.  It all worked out though.  We even had complete strangers stop by.  Not sure what our neighbors are going to do for their 4 o’clock sugar high today though – We’re officially closed.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  We have the most generous friends – you are wonderful!

The other big news is that a NKOTB concert is a go for me!  Yay!  My dream was to meet up with my friend Tova & go to the concert with her.  She lives in Tampa so I figured I’d just settle for the concert in St Louis.  Nope.  I have an awesome husband who didn’t see the airfare as an obstacle.  It looks like I’m heading to Tampa for the concert!  I’m so excited.  Only 6 more months of anticipation.  Tova (my friend) is going to scour thrift shops for old NKOTB t-shirts so we can go in style.  There’s nothing quite like reliving your youth – at least the good parts.  Feel free to join us in Florida!

I’m off to get new less tready tires for my bike.  Have a great long weekend!



2 Responses to “Ready, Set, Summer!”

  1. Wendy May 22, 2008 at 6:35 pm #

    Are you an Ebay fan? There are great NKOTB shirts on Ebay

  2. Jana May 23, 2008 at 8:30 am #

    I’m hoping to get tickets for St. Paul in October! What a fun trip to Tampa you will have! Have a great camping trip this weekend!

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