7 May

My ‘friend’ Julie asked me to join her at aerobics yesterday. I normally steer clear of aerobics. I’m not the most coordinated person & aerobics tends to tie me up in knots. Plus there’s the mirrors so everyone can see how uncoordinated I am. But since Julie asked so nicely, I went. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I got most of the steps right, except for the Lunge. For some reason, I couldn’t get that move to save my life. I had such a good workout I even thought I’d give it another try today when they do Step Aerboics.

That was before I got out of bed this morning. OUCH! My arms hurt, my calves ache, & my chest hurts. Who knew there were still muscles there?

Because of my ‘friend’ Julie, I’m now going to spend the day popping Advil & groaning every time I have to pick up T~, sit down, climb stairs, or sneeze. Thanks a lot!


E~ had his first baseball game last night. He did really well. He had 2 hits during practice & his fielding is getting a lot better. He had a good time. When we got home he realized supper wasn’t quite ready to be shoveled into the mouth & he fell apart. He had to wait 15 minutes for the noodles to boil & you’d have thought he was going to die. G~ too. I guess I need to have supper ready to be put on the table the minute we walk in the door on Thursday. Not sure how he’ll survive the 6pm games when he has to be at the field at 5pm & doesn’t get done until 7pm. I’m seeing fast food in our future.

G~ & T~ did pretty well during our 2 hours at the field. We made a quick stop at the Library & then they played at the park near the ball field with some church friends. T~ was able to hold her own against the bigger kids. I’m sure that surprises no one. She did keep trying to escape out the gate & trying to get on the field. Should be a fun 2 months chasing her. I guess I’ll know to wear my running shoes from now on.



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