4 Apr

Whew! What a night. Oklahoma was great. The performers did an awesome job. The singing & the dancing was wonderful. I’m always impressed with the quality of show our high school puts out & tonight was no different. Here’s a picture of the boys with Will Parker (Ben from our youth group).

The boys did pretty well. It as hard for them to sit still for almost an hour before the show started. There were a lot of questions.

“How did they get that house on the stage?”

“Does the house have a basement?”

“Where do they go to the bathroom?”

“Where did the old lady (Aunt Eller) go?”

“Is that a real gun?”

“Are they really going to shoot people?”

All questions of course, were asked in a loud stage whisper for all to hear. Despite all the distractions to me, the boys really enjoyed themselves & I did too. G~ was humming on the way home & E~ kept asking about certain characters. All in all, a great night.

Tomorrow G~ has his first soccer game. Talk about excited. He was begging to sleep in his jersey tonight. After that the boys head out to J~’s work & T~ goes to a friends house while I take my mom to Cedar Rapids to meet my dad so she can go home. Nothing like a 6 hour drive to kill a beautiful Saturday. On the bright side, I get out of cleaning the house. Score for me!



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