SC (Stupid Cat) Update

26 Mar

J~ said it was probably time to let everyone know how the cat is doing.  I’ve been reluctant because it just gives my family another opportunity to gloat about being right, which they aren’t but I like to let them think they are.

*Sigh* The cat is working out.  He’s super nice & friendly.  He loves the kids.  He loves the dog.  He loves J~.  He likes me.  I can live with that.  He’s not a psycho like my mom’s cat.  He has yet to pee on the Anywhere Chair like Becky’s cat & he has yet to christen the many piles of laundry like Jenny’s cat.  I guess that means he’s better than all of them 😉

I keep forgetting his name though.  For some reason I call him Toby, after Toby on The Office.  The boys won’t change the name, which is Pablo by the way, so I usually end up calling him Kitty.  I’m a little concerned about him getting outside.  The boys aren’t great about closing doors behind them & the cat has a tendency to stalk the outside doors, most likely looking for a way out.  The boys are pretty excited to feed SC/Pablo/Toby/Kitty & even to scoop the box.  They grossed me out with their eagerness to dig into the box the first time.  G~ was ready to dive in with his hands.  Ack.  Will they ever be grossed out by anything other than Green Bean Casserole? (E~ once asked me if someone got sick in the dish after he saw me making the dreaded casserole)

Here’s SC/Pablo/Toby/Kitty on the chair instead of inside it.


Speaking of cats.  Many, many, many months ago I sent a picture of Rudy to Stuff On My Cat.  I stalked the site daily waiting for her picture to show up & it never did.  Well, low & behold, today I searched for ‘Rudy’ & the first cat to pop up was mine!  She’s posthumously famous.  You can see her here.  We were in Memphis at the time so I missed her debut.  I miss that cat.  She never tried to hide in my ceiling…

I added a couple of new blogs to my blog roll.  You can check out one of my oldest friends Jill (old as in I’ve known her since we were 4, not old as in she’s 87) under Family & Friends & Blogtations under Good Reads.

Also, if you are from IL, please make sure you read the post from 3.24 about HB 4441.  We really need to take action on this bill.



One Response to “SC (Stupid Cat) Update”

  1. Lori March 27, 2008 at 7:54 pm #

    The cat really looks so sweet!

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