Or Maybe Not

22 Mar

Pablo’s new home.


What? You’ve never seen the inside of our recliner before?

Oh, you thought he was going to live with someone else. Yeah, about that…

Go ahead & say it. I’m the biggest caver that caved from Caveopolis in Cavesylvania on the continent of Cave in the world of Caving. That’s me. Can’t say no to a reclusive hidey cat & a couple of pairs of big blue eyes. It’s a wonder my kids aren’t major brats seeing how I crumpled like a kite on a calm day.

I wish I could blame it all on the kids but a big reason Stupid Cat (SC for short) is staying is because of my family. Becky was on Google Chat lobbying for the cat, Jenny called to lobby harder & then my DAD(!) got into the act. My dad hates cats. His line when I got my first cat Sam, was that soon she’d be big enough to barbque. He’s not a cat person, never has been a cat person, & never will be a cat person. He’s softened a little with Mom’s psycho cat, Missy, but he’d be happier without cats in the world. It was unreal. And it worked. Little seeds of doubt that returning SC was the best thing began to creep in & by the time the former owner called, SC wasn’t going anywhere.

I’m trying to look at it as a way to teach the boys some responsibility. I remember feeding & scooping after Sam & I was 7, so E~ is now responsible for the feeding & scooping after SC. I’m sure my Mom is laughing while reading my plan, because while I remember taking care of Sam, I bet she does too. This will be a challenge for E~ & eventually G~, & it will be a bigger challenge for J~ & myself to make sure the boys follow through. We’re terrible about that part when it comes to chores. It’s just easier for us to do it instead of listening to them argue about it. Ask me in a month how that’s going would you? I may need a reminder.



2 Responses to “Or Maybe Not”

  1. j.elliott March 22, 2008 at 10:03 pm #

    Yah! Pablo’s staying! Welcome to the family, Pablo! I can’t wait to meet you at the end of April …

    Wow, I’m impressed and surprised that even DAD was lobbying for Pablo. Never saw that coming.

    Come on, you know, Pablo is coming around if he’s looking for some attention from Tova. Everything will be OK.

  2. Wendy March 23, 2008 at 5:49 am #

    I am sure you will look back on this is a month and laugh. Give the SC a chance and I am sure he will eventually come out and play. Good Luck and Happy Easter!

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