Dear Routine,

17 Mar

Routine, boring old routine. Consistent & steady. I sort of missed you but I’d appreciate you a little more if I could sleep a little later. Just think about it.


E~ headed back to school today. All last week the kid never slept past 7am. Today, I had to pry him out of bed. He was sound asleep at 7am. It never fails. G~ was easy to rouse. He was under the impression that swimming lessons were right away this morning. I’m sure I gave him the run down of our schedule but G~ doesn’t seem to take that kind of thing on board. T~ woke up pretty well too. She’s a little cranky in the morning. I am too so we usually spend the first few minutes after she wakes snuggling in the chair. I think what makes her so cranky is that the boys insist on coming in the room & getting in her face. She kicks & swipes at them, but they never seem to get the message that she’d like a little space.

G~’s first swimming lesson went pretty well. He swam the length of the pool, did an unsolicited back stroke, & gave his teacher the rundown of his previous lesson experiences. He also came away from our friends adoption hearing more than a little confused. He informed me on our way home that he was adopted in that same courtroom & he had a different name before he was G~. I think I’m going to take him to the hospital where he was born this week & show him the birthing suite & the nursery & hopefully he’ll see that being born is just as important & exciting as being adopted. I think with Micah & Gabe’s adoption & T~’s adoption anniversary’s, he’s feeling a little left out.

Speaking of adoption anniversary’s, does anyone have any suggestions on how to celebrate T~’s G&R Anniversary? We’ve been calling it Family Day & our current plan is to all go out for breakfast. The evening is pretty busy with church stuff or we’d do something then. I’d love to hear how you celebrate your G&R Anniversary or Gotcha Anniversary.



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