Horton Hears A Who! Review

15 Mar

I took the boys to see Horton Hears A Who! this afternoon & we all loved it. I’m pretty persnickety about my kid movies (out of necessity) & I found nothing objectionable. E~ has always been a rather sensitive child. He’s my child who refused to watch Curious George because Ivan the Doorman was a little too intense for him. E~ also refused to watch Elf because of the scene where Elf & the floor manager are wrestling & wreck Elf’s Lego City. Because of his sensitivities, we’ve not watched as many movies as the average kid. We’re branching out a little more now. Both boys love the Herbie movies (the old ones), they love Cars, & they thought Evan Almighty was pretty funny too. I’m also one of those people that thinks just because you slap Disney on it, it doesn’t necessarily make it a kid’s movie. But that’s a rant for another time.

Back to Horton. It kept all the elements of the Dr. Seuss classic. Carol Burnett did a great job as the voice of the bossy Kangaroo. I had a hard time picturing her as the villain but she played it more bossy than villainous. The scariest character was Vlad (voiced by Will Arnett of Arrested Development), but even he came off more goofy than scary. The Kangaroo said shut up once (G~ turned to me & whispered disapprovingly that the Kangaroo said a swear word) 😉 & the Mayor of Whoville was called a boob. All in all, pretty tame compared to some of the kids fare available. This was G~’s first theater experience & I think it was a success. We don’t talk too much about E~’s first theater experience (March of the Penguins, he screamed & spent the rest of the movie crying to leave after the scene where the seal catches the penguin. In my defense both my mom & my sister Jenny saw the movie & thought E~ would love it. He was heavily into the Jeff Corwin at the time & loved all shows having to do with animals. However, you would think Grammy & Aunt Jenny would know E~ well enough to realize that he might have had trouble with that little seal/penguin part, but I guess not.)

Also, after spending the latter part of the week outside on their bikes, the boys were nearly brought to tears this morning when they saw snow on the ground. Talk about being anxious for Spring!



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