Memphis Recap

11 Mar

Whew, we made it home. It was so nice to have a few days away, but it’s great to be back home. We have the rest of the week to catch up on the laundry, sleep, & most importantly, playing. We also might go pick out a new cat. J~’s mostly convinced, but of course, he’ll probably never come around completely 😉

Back to our trip. Friday night was spent at our friend’s J~ & M~. Here’s a picture of all the kids. It was pretty late so the kids were pretty much done with cooperating.


On Saturday we started south. We ate lunch at Lambert’s, which was great. E~’s eye’s were huge when he witnessed his first “throwed roll”. I’m sure he thought we were teasing him about that aspect of the restaurant. We all had a good time at Missouri’s Tribute to Excess.

After lunch we pushed on towards Memphis. We ended up going straight to the hotel for a swim & then out to Neely’s for supper. The ribs were excellent. The best we had all week. We also cemented T~’s love of French Fries. Almost every meal was a process of bribing T~ to eat something “healthy” in exchange for a meager fry. She was wise to our ploys & threw a few fits when asked to eat a few pieces of chicken. After supper we went back to the hotel to unwind & prepare for our big day on Sunday.

img_0135e.jpg img_0144e.jpgimg_0183e.jpg

Our original Sunday plan was to spend the day with E~, P~ & kids at the Memphis Zoo. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. They had a family emergency & couldn’t make it. We were pretty sad about not seeing them but we’re hopeful we’ll meet up with them in Chicago yet this year. Despite our disappointment, we soldiered on & had fun anyway 🙂

We started our Sunday at a small church called Amazing Grace in Memphis. We were anticipating an hour long service, out by 11, & at the zoo by noon. It didn’t quite work out that way though. We hit the perfect storm of special events, confirmation & the Deacon’s last service. We had a great time though. The service was really laid back & contemporary, which we love. T~ ended up as part of the sermon too. The greeter seemed to think we’d be more comfortable with the kids have free reign during the service (not true), & not wanting to offend, we let the cute one wander more than normal. The congregation was rather taken with her & she was rather taken with herself & put on a nice show. Once J~ & I relaxed, we enjoyed a great sermon (E~ even paid attention!). After church we stayed for cake & visiting & finally made our exit around 12:30pm.

On to the Zoo. The Memphis Zoo is great. The first thing we did was hike it to the Polar Bears. They were being fed at 1:30 & we didn’t want to miss it. They have a great underwater viewing area & we all enjoyed watching them swim. After the Polar Bears we made our way to the Pandas. We spent a lot of time watching the Panda’s eat Bamboo. It was neat to get so close to them. We had seen the Panda’s at the Nat’l Zoo a few years ago, but they were kept at quite a distance. I think one of things the Memphis Zoo does quite well is letting you get close to the animals. One thing they do wrong is advertise themselves as an Aquarium. We have a restaurant in Rural City that has a bigger aquarium. I guess you can’t have everything…

img_0199e.jpg img_0212e.jpg

We left the zoo around 5pm & headed to Beale Street where we wandered the 3-4 blocks with all the clubs & had supper (more bar-b-que). By that time I was working on a massive headache so we went back to the hotel. J~ & the boys went for a swim & T~ & I relaxed in the room. Wow, I’m really giving the minutiae here. Sorry about that.

Monday we left Memphis & headed to Off-The-Grid Missouri. J~ has a thing for getting off the beaten path while I prefer any road that is 4-lane, but since I wasn’t driving (pinched nerve in my neck), J~ got to pick the route without much argument from me. Jason’s goal was to go hiking at Big Oak State Park which required a trip through a part of MO where no one lives. Seriously, no one lives there. Miles & miles of farm land & not a house in site. If you wanted to live off the grid, that’d be the place to do it. The park was nice, though. We hiked a couple of miles into a swamp (on a long boardwalk), saw some trees, talked about finding Tyrone, the Backyardigan’s Swamp Creature, held a few races (E~ won most of them, G~ mainly cried), & hiked back to the van. After that we wound our way back to IL, first to Cairo (southernmost city in IL & the confluence of the Ohio & Mississippi Rivers). It’s pretty much a dying town. Not much to see. After that we made our way to Carbondale IL, home of SIU, & Bryan F~, one of our former youth group students. Bryan took us on a tour of campus (lots of woods & lakes, it’s a great campus) & then we went for supper at a local pizza place. Finally, more swimming at the hotel, this time with me, & the boys were thrilled we were on the top floor of the hotel (3 floors). Apparently, they had been disappointed that we weren’t always on the highest floor. Have I ever mentioned how everything is a contest with the boys?

We left for home this morning & arrived here about 3. T~ really doesn’t like her car seat anymore. She does this arching of the back, flailing of the arms & kicking of the legs every time we tried to strap her in. Most times it was a 2 person job. That little girl is strong & has a mind of her own.

Anyway, we’re home & we had a great time. Check back later for your update on the cat finding mission.



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  1. Lori March 12, 2008 at 7:36 pm #

    Your trip sounded great. You packed alot in those days. Glad you had a good time and arrived home safely.

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