4 Mar

Every afternoon we go over E~’s homework. Nothing major, we just go over his mistakes & correct them. Today he brought home this gem.


He’s supposed to draw a line to what time of day the girl made her bed. When J~ asked E~ what she was doing, E~ said that she was getting into bed. Jason said, “No, she’s making her bed.” E~ looked at the correct response that was circled on his paper and said, “Why would she make her bed in the morning? We do that in the afternoon.” (I use making beds as a chore they can earn for misbehaviour. I never realized it might affect their schoolwork) 😉

We’re getting ready for our big trip to Memphis for Spring Break this weekend. We’ll leave Friday & head to St Louis. On Saturday we’ll continue on to Memphis after a stop at Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston MO. The highlight of the weekend will be on Sunday when we reunite with the Norman’s, a family from our travel group. We’re so excited to see Elise & Patrick & to meet their son David. But we’re especially excited to reunite T~ with her Phu Tho Sister Hannah. Here’s the two girls almost a year ago.


We’ll spend the day at the Memphis Zoo to see the Panda’s. But most importantly, we’ll have a fun day with some great friends. We’ll be home by Tuesday, so it’s a short trip, but J~ & I felt we needed to go somewhere and do something resembling a vacation. The boys are satisfied with a pool but I REALLY want some warmer weather. After Monday’s 40° temperature drop, I’m not sure Spring will ever come.



One Response to “Homework”

  1. Lori March 5, 2008 at 7:45 am #

    Have a great time on your trip!

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