It’s Here & We’re Sick

26 Feb

The camera arrived this afternoon & if every joint in my body didn’t hurt, I’d be all over it. The battery-pack is plugged in & the strap has been put on. Other than that, it’s sitting in the box until another day.

E~ was home again today. I woke him up for school only to realize he had another fever! G~ was fine all day as was T~. During naps I started to feel achy & now, my ankles even hurt. After supper, I’m heading to bed. J~ still has to move the dishwasher & fridge out of the kitchen, plus the table & island so I’m guessing I won’t be staying in bed. The new floor is being laid tomorrow. We can’t put it off anymore or we would cancel again. We’re both ready to be done with this project.

I’m off to bed.



One Response to “It’s Here & We’re Sick”

  1. JennyB. February 27, 2008 at 11:58 am #

    I hope your feeling better today.
    Take good care.

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