Hair, Poop, Fever’s, Floors, or A Misc. Post

24 Feb

Here’s J~ after The Shave.


I must say that I enjoy kissing this version a lot more than ‘Survivor’ J~.

We spent most of the weekend holed up in the house. J~ was busy trying to fix a few squeaks in the bathroom floor. His plan was to screw the heck out of the floor. (I know what you’re thinking & you are so immature 😉 )

100_6912e.jpg Here’s an example of the plentiful screws. This is about a 1ft square section of the bathroom. He spent all day yesterday working on the floor. Tonight he’s scraping up the rest of the glue & then filling holes. The floor guys come on Wed. We’re thinking we’re going to pay them to do the tear-out in the kitchen. We’re He’s too pressed for time.

E~ came home from school on Friday not feeling well & has spent most of his weekend either laying on his bed or on the couch. He’s had a fever off & on all weekend. Currently it’s off but I’m going to keep him home tomorrow anyway. My guess is he’ll be up at 6am, bouncing off the walls. I’d hate to send him to school & have him come home sick with a fever again or something worse. G~’s not looking too good & he has a cough so I think he’ll be the next sickie. T~’s had explosive diarrhea all weekend. Let’s hope that’s not contagious. I’m wondering though if I shouldn’t be giving her milk. She doesn’t really drink anything else. She’s not a big fan of juice or water so I’m not sure what the substitute would be. She goes through these cycles more often than I’d like so I’ll just apply her butt cream, do more laundry, & wait for it to pass. Her mood is fine, she’s just a little leaky.

Off to do baths & laundry. Have a great night!



2 Responses to “Hair, Poop, Fever’s, Floors, or A Misc. Post”

  1. romperroom February 25, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    Just a thought, you could try a step 2 formula for T. That’s what we did with Cole. We only used 1 can of it. We started with the straight formula and gradually added more and more milk to it. Just a thought. I’m sure you don’t want to go back to formula, but it sure helped with him.

  2. JennyB. February 27, 2008 at 11:56 am #

    Wow. I didn’t expect your hubby to look so different “after the shave”. I think you both look younger now. 🙂

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