High’s & Low’s

14 Feb

E~ was interesting this afternoon.  I expected the sugar rush from the V-day party but sheesh, he was nuts!  After his afterschool snack I asked him to find his Lego Magazine so we could send off his entry to the Police Vehicle Contest.  You’d have thought I asked him to eat dirty diapers.  He cried, whined, stomped, & carried on for over an hour & surprise, surprise, he couldn’t find his magazine.  This is typical of E~.  If you asked him to find his hand, he would cry & whine about how he can’t find it until you smacked in the head with it.  Very irritating.  He spent a good deal of time waiting for supper in his room.

Now for the High.  At supper, the kid would not stop talking.  On & on & on about Lego’s, Trains, school, his new book, spelling words, etc.  My ears were ringing.  J~ thought his mood swing was because he was hungry, I say it was because he was so exhausted that if he stopped talking, he’d fall asleep at the table.

We’re gearing up for our Presidents Weekend Road Trip.  We’ll spend time at each Granparent’s house & the boys have a good shot at getting in some sledding.  Our parents have had a rather snowy year & the temp. is supposed to be relatively warm (20’s, compared to the recent 0’s).  I’m excited to spend some time on Sat. with just my sisters.  No kids, no husbands,  just the girls & a mall.  What could be more fun?

I have all the clothes washed & a hectic day tomorrow.  All the makings for late start to the trip.  G~ & T~ have been invited back to Rural U’s Movement Class.  They get to show off their skills for a bunch of college students.  G~ enjoys showing off & T~ is discovering the benefits of being the center of attention.  She’s cute, so I’m sure she’ll be the star of the show class.  The students are looking for certain developments like pincher grasp, crawling, rolling over, running, jumping, climbing stairs, etc.  All three kids have done the class in the past & it’s always fun.

Ugh, I’m watching The Daily Show’s report on Roger Clemens & I can feel my blood pressure rising.  WHY was there an investigation on some stupid baseball player when they could be doing real work like investigating the actions of State Dept. in Vietnam in regards to adoptions.  Or how about the atrocities in Kenya?  Or what about the economy?  How about the healthcare crisis?   The real issues never seem to be investigated by these morons.  Blech.



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