I’m Finished!

11 Feb

This morning, at 8:45, I finished my last mile of the Bit-by-Bit Triathlon. I celebrated by lifting weights & then having a Blueberry Danish. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate with my slacker Triathlon partner K~ đŸ˜‰ (she didn’t finish but she had a good reason) at BK with some Cheesy Tots. Mmmmm. Anyway, I’m glad it’s done. If I ever see a stationary bike again, it’ll be too soon. My butt is still sore for Saturday’s ride with G~. Why can’t they make a bike seat that is mildly comfortable? I’m not asking for a sofa seat on my bike, I’d just like something that doesn’t feel like my butt bone is permanently bruised. My current seat is supposed to relieve common pressure points, & it does. The trade off is that the new pressure points probably hurt worse than the old ones ever did. This year T~ is old enough to ride in the trailer so we’re hoping to do some biking this year. I guess I’ll need to invest in some of those bike shorts with the butt pads.

J~ finished painting the bathroom last night about midnight. It looks great. He was able to match the existing texture pretty well & since he painted alone, we don’t have to replace the counter or the sinks (I’m a messy painter. I try to be neat, but usually end up looking like I took a bath in the paint can by the time I’m done). The new floor comes on Thursday so this week we’ll be moving appliances & ripping up the existing floor & I think we have to do a new underlayment in the kitchen. I hope we can get it all done.

Here’s my parenting tip for the week. Only schedule playdates for after school. When you plan them for a Saturday afternoon, the anticipation of the visitor’s arrival will drive even the most patient of parents to threaten about 30 times that you’re going to cancel the date if he doesn’t knock it off (It being torturing little brother, probably as a warm-up for what’s to come once Friend gets here, opening front door 8000 times to check if he’s here, asking what time it is & what time Friend will arrive every 2 minutes…)



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