They Learn So Early

6 Feb

This morning T~ spent some time throwing a fit on the floor because I wouldn’t give her a cookie for breakfast.  I’m not sure how she knew that is what I was going to have for breakfast.  I thought I deserved it.  I biked 18 miles yesterday.  She only woke up ungodly early & then refused to sleep more than an hour the rest of the day.  I think you can see who was most deserving of a chocolate chip cookie this morning.

T~ is 14 months today.  In the last month she’s given up the bottle, taken up the art of escaping, & we think she now says the word ‘book.’  It sounds like ‘buh’ & then she throws the book at you.  Oh, & she’s developed a strong throwing arm.


I have 16 biking miles & 5 running miles left of the triathlon.  It ends on 2.11 so it shouldn’t be a problem at all to finish it.  When this is over though, I have a feeling it’ll be a long time before I ride a stationary bike again.

J~ now has a deadline for the bathroom.  The new floor will be installed on 2.14.  Best V-day present ever!  No, I’m not kidding, I’ve wanted a new floor for years!



One Response to “They Learn So Early”

  1. j.elliott February 8, 2008 at 11:10 pm #

    Hey, that’s one snazzy looking outfit Tova is wearing. She looks very cute. 🙂

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