I Hate Winter (in Haiku)

31 Jan

Is Winter needed?

Cold, Snow, Wind, Salt, Slush, & Ice

I miss the Sunshine

Why is this winter so stinkin’ long? Tomorrow is only the first day of February. I’m not going to make it. I wonder if  J~’s company does an exchange program with Hawaii? I’m so tired of hauling kids in heavy coats. I’m tired of hunting down mittens & hats & boots. I’m sick of my house being cold, dry skin, & gloves. The only good thing about winter? Snow Days.

I suppose I might miss a change of seasons, but I think I’d get over it. The ironic thing is that this year my fingers have been great. Normally because of my Raynaud’s Phenomenon I spend the winter with fingers a lovely shade of purple & with an open sore on at least one finger. This year, the one sore I had is almost completely healed & it’s only January. Last year my finger finally healed up in March & that was because we were in a tropical location for almost a month. If my parents & sisters were up to it, we’d be moving south or west. Any takers?

T~ has a new habit of taking off at the Y. When it’s time for us to go, she makes a break for the front desk. I’d normally think it was cute but not so much when I’m hauling a diaper bag, gym bag, various drinks & wearing a bulky winter coat. She’s also taken her tissue fascination to a new level. Now when she finds one, instead of tearing it to bits & handing it to me in tiny pieces, she uses the tissue to ‘clean’ whatever surface she’s standing by & then she runs it into the kitchen & puts it in the trash. The girl is a fast learner. Except for the cleaning part. I have no idea where she would have picked that up 😉

G~ had pajama day at school today. He chose to wear his footies with his Crocs. It’s a look that is sure to catch on. He even took his blanket along. G~ is continuing the family tradition of thinking Art is Optional. Anything that deals with crayons, glitter, paint, & markers, is not worth doing in G~’s mind. This does not extend to glue. He LOVES glue. And no, he’s not a glue eater. He just loves to smear glue around a piece of paper. If something happens to fall in the gluey mess, that’s a bonus, but just for the teacher. In G~’s mind a big streak of glue is art.

Here’s hoping for a Snow Day tomorrow!



2 Responses to “I Hate Winter (in Haiku)”

  1. wenbren January 31, 2008 at 5:06 pm #

    There is no day like a snow day!!! That is the teacher’s mantra! I hate winter too, for the same reasons, especially the skin issues. I have ecsema and the winter reaks havoc on my hands. (I inherited it from my dad- must be a Niermeier thing. Neither Julie nor Mike have it. Lucky me) I look like a leper!
    I think PJ day is so funny! Jacob would wear his crocs and jammies all day if I let him. I picked him up from school the other day and was wearing his bright green summer crocs! Lovely!
    Anyhow, here’s hoping for snow or springt o hurry up! Either would be fine!

  2. romperroom January 31, 2008 at 6:45 pm #

    Well, happy cows are from California, so that’s always a possiblity. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m sick of winter too. I keep thinking warm weather will make me feel better, and it means I’m that much closer to August.
    Did you get a picture of Gavin’s fashion statement? I would love to see that. Cole has a pair of crocs too, but I haven’t broken them out yet. Waiting for warmer weather…

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