Star Wars

29 Jan

E~ is enthralled with Star Wars. He has never seen Star Wars except in the Lego catalog. I know he wants to watch the movie, especially since his friend Gr~ keeps talking about it. I’m just not sure he can handle it. This is the kid who went to bed at the age of 5 during the Curious George Movie. He finally was able to sit through Elf this Christmas without getting really upset (he’s bothered by the scene where Elf & the floor manager wrestle; they wreck the Lego city). I just don’t see how E~ can handle Star Wars. Admittedly, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve seen any of the Star Wars movies, but I’m not sure E~ will be able to handle them without nightmares. I suppose I should screen the movie’s & decide but I remember being bored by them when I saw them originally. By the way, I’m talking about the old Star Wars, not the Star Wars Prequels.

Today was an odd weather day. G~, T~ & I went outside for a bike ride/walk at 10am. It was so nice out. The sun was shining & it was at least 50°. By 11am, the wind had picked up & the temp had dropped about 20°. I’m so ready for spring. Unfortunately, it’s still January. Ugh.



One Response to “Star Wars”

  1. cjfhauser January 30, 2008 at 6:54 am #


    We have all the original movies so if you want to see them let us know. May the force be with you 🙂

    Also, we would be happy to watch them with Ethan, just let us know!


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