Kind of a Funny Story (Updated)

26 Jan

My lovely sister Jenny is really good about half remembering family stories. Unfortunately, her post about E~ was spot on. I love those Bad Mommy reminders. They really bring me down from my Perfect Parent Perch 😉

7:20pm.  We just arrived home from an International Student Dinner.  It’s a potluck done at the beginning of each semester at Rural U to introduce the incoming Int’l students to the community.  They have a program, Int’l Neighbors, where you are paired with a student & meet once a month (or more) to learn more about their country, they learn more about the US,  & work on conversational English.  Last semester we had 3 students;  2 Int’l students, Ha from Vietnam, & Emi from Japan, & we had Kat, a local student paired with us from our church.

Anyhoodle, as we were leaving tonight, E~ says, “Did you fill out one of those papers so we can add another student to our collection?”


One Response to “Kind of a Funny Story (Updated)”

  1. j.elliott January 26, 2008 at 3:01 pm #

    Perfect Parent Perch, huh? Hmmmmm, let me think of other “great” stories to tell. 🙂 And what about “half remembering family stories”? What’s that about? I remember stories with full details … well, except for the the laundry chute incident.

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