O Laptop, How I Missed Thee!

25 Jan

It was actually quite nice to take a break from the computer screen. Nothing was missed on email. The blogs I read didn’t fold for lack of my readership (Well, one did, but it wasn’t one I checked daily). Somehow the world was able to still revolve without my reading about it. Weird how that happens.

The thing I learned on my ‘day off’ was that I spend way too much time standing in the kitchen looking at the computer & ignoring the kids. Yesterday morning was so much calmer. I wasn’t distracted & we were able to get out the door, on time, without any yelling. The other big difference was last night after the kids were in bed, J~ & I spent time together playing a few games & talking. Usually one of us is upstairs on the laptop & the other is downstairs on the desktop. I’m hoping to make some changes in my computer consumption. I’m going to strive to not start the laptop up on mornings when I drive to school. I can check the weather either the night before or by looking outside. It doesn’t change much right now anyway. It’s either cold or nasty, windy cold. J~ & I are also going to try to do spend less time on different floors of the house plugged in. We’ll see how this goes.

In other news, T~ has a nasty diaper rash. Just last week a friend was talking about how her son loves oranges but they give him a horrible rash. Guess who else has that problem? I feel horrible every time I have to change her diaper. She’s even walking funny. So far we’re using a combo of Lanolin, Desitin & Ibuprofen. The Ibuprofen is working the best. Plus bananas. We need to slow down the poop rate.

My triathlon is going pretty well. I have 15 miles of running, 24 of 88 laps of swimming, & 37 miles of biking done. I have 3 weeks left to finish. The magazine supplies are starting to dwindle so I’m anticipating that the biking is going to be my biggest struggle.

T~ has pooped again. Must go torture the baby.



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