I Have a Confession…

22 Jan

I have been watching Miss America Reality Check. Somehow I was sucked in the first week it aired & now I can’t miss an episode. Thankfully it’s over next week. Growing up I remember watching Miss America with my mom & sisters. We used to pick our favorites & bet on who would win. Our favorites usually included the contestant from whichever state we lived in or had just moved from. I remember it being a fun way to spend an evening together.

Here’s my fascination with the show. Most of the girls with the most air time are so incredibly self-conscious & have low self-esteem. I wonder if it’s a product of the pageant world? Anyway, one contestant, Miss Florida freaked out about having to take a swim after losing a trivia challenge. It was odd, especially for a resident of FL. In the next episode she reveals her big secret to her cohorts. I’m thinking it’s something big, like a sibling drowned after losing a trivia contest when it’s been an explicit rule in the family that NO ONE swims within a half hour of losing a trivia contest. Nothing as dramatic, I’m afraid. It turns out & I quote “my face was in an explosion” & she’s self-conscious about her scars. A nicer person’s first reaction might be ‘I wonder what happened & it looks like her face has recovered nicely.’ My reaction? How does ones face become involved in an explosion? Did someone borrow her face on the 4th of July & leave her body at home? That seems kind of rude. Also rude; picking apart her phrasing.

Then there is Miss Washington (how sad is it that I know the contestants? I disgust myself sometimes). She was horrified when the hair-stylist liked her naturally curly hair. Horrified. She thought the plaster Wall-O-Hair was the only way to go. And she’s not the only one. It seems that most of these girls are afflicted with the notion that you can’t be seen until you have applied pounds of makeup & shellacked your hair until it won’t move.

You might have picked up my bias, I like things a little more Au Natural. I’m all for a little bit of make up (mostly on you, not me. I only wear make up for special occasions, like a wedding or if I have time before J~ & I go out on a date, so, very rarely) & I have been known to use a few hair products. I’d say I’d do make up more if I had the time, but that’s not true. I’d find something else to fill those few minutes.

In conclusion, I’d like T~ to have healthy self-esteem so I will try my hardest to steer her away from beauty pageants.



One Response to “I Have a Confession…”

  1. jweinlaeder January 22, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Please please please please do not become of those stage moms pushing her kids to be in beauty pageants (or as MISS CONGENIALITY {the movie starring Sandra Bullock} would say “Scholarship pageants”). I think if you did, Becky and I would be on the phone with you, telling you to knock it off.

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