Boy’s Weekend Revisited & The Christmas Wrap-up (With Pictures!)

26 Dec

J~ & the boys had a nice weekend in MN. They spent a lot of time with J~’s family playing with their cousins. Sunday was spent at my parents due to bad road conditions. They made it home around 2:30 on Monday & we’ve been non-stop ever since. Here’s my favorite picture from their trip home.

Gavin & Ruffy

Christmas was a hit with the boys. We had them open their big present from us before church this morning. E~’s was obvious (the Airport box was huge). G~’s was less so. I was directing him towards his Playmobil Jeep but he wanted a box buried at the back of the tree. At Thanksgiving he caught Becky & I looking at some Playmobil furniture she had ordered for him & he knew what box it was & that’s what he wanted to open first. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised that he remembered the box. T~ was sleeping late so she had to wait until after church for her gifts. Even then she wasn’t that interested. She much preferred to play with the trash. She seems to enjoy her little piggy bank though. Tova & her Piggy bank

Here’s E~ with his completed Airport.E & G & Lego Airport

Here’s G~ with his fully furnished house. It might be time for an addition. G & House

What you can’t tell from the picture is all the people he has. Each room set comes with somebody. He has about 10 kids, plus 2 babies (twins), & lots of mom’s & dad’s. There are 2 dogs, a wolf & a polar bear in the mix too. You might notice the Viking on the slide. I love Playmobil 🙂

Last but not least, here’s a picture of all of us. We were fortunate to have Ha, an MBA student studying at Rural U, join us this year. She is from Hanoi & this is her first Christmas Celebration. She attended church with us & stayed overnight so she could get the full experience. It was a lot of fun & we were glad she was able to join us for Christmas.


Merry Christmas!



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