It’s Like Living in Hanoi

11 Dec

We’re under a boil order.  Ugh.  We have to brush our teeth with bottled water, wash dishes with a smidgen of bleach, & use hand sanitizer after washing our hands (can you say chapped skin?).  In Hanoi it was easy to remember to not use the water, at home it’s a little harder.  E~ was really upset by this change in routine.  He was really worried that we wouldn’t have any water until Friday & he was getting really thirsty.

Maybe the boil order wouldn’t be so bad if we could boil water.  We’re having a little issue with the electricity running to the range & dishwasher.  Something about wires not fitting into the junction box & being smooshed.  The smooshing part might have happened on Sunday when J~ pulled out the dishwasher because it wasn’t working.  We think we may have had a power surge over the weekend & that is the root of our appliance problems.  The dishwasher was up & running after a little jiggling of its wires.  J~’s now looking at having to saw a hole in the wall in order to get everything back in its rightful place so we can cook & have clean dishes that don’t require a bleach soak.   At least we don’t have to buy a new range.  I’d love a new one, especially this one, but our range isn’t scheduled for replacement for a while so I’m actually happy to not have the unexpected expense.  Although the double oven would be really nice…



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