Drugs & a Thanksgiving Recap

29 Nov

My kids love medicine. If one is sick, they all beg for a hit of Motrin. When E~ was little, if we drove by Walgreen’s without stopping, he would cry. Not that the kids have been sick much & required lots of medicines, but they have always loved them. I’ve never pretended meds were candy or a treat, but they love them anyway. I’ve never understood it when my friends have complained about having to restrain their kids in order to get meds in them. Mine will remind me if I’ve forgotten a dose. It’s a little odd.

G~ is now hooked on Children’s Tylenol Meltaways. While we were in MN, G~ came down with a croupy cough & a sore throat. For the first 2 days, he probably needed the Tylenol, but by Monday he’d be running around & all of a sudden stop & ask for something since he “wasn’t feeling any better.” Well, if you’re running around how much better do you need to feel? No med’s for you!

T~ has even gotten into the grove. She used to struggle with Tylenol but not anymore. She sees the dropper coming & gets all excited. She’s currently fighting a fever & if she could, I think she’d chant Motrin! Motrin! Motrin!

Maybe it’s nothing to worry about, and it does make it nice when we have to drug them for sanity’s sake (long car trips, church☺)

Our Thanksgivings was exhausting. We spent time with my family, J~’s family, at the Mall of America, IKEA, eating, swimming, & mainly with our butts planted firmly in the van. T~ did find time to torture Cole though. It’s a little scary that she has figured out how to push Cole’s buttons so early in life. All she has to do is plop down on Becky’s lap & Cole is instantly jealous. She’s purposeful in her torture too. Becky & I were sitting on the floor next to each other & I watched as T~ looked at Cole & walked over to sit on Becky. She made sure Cole was watching too. It’ll make for an interesting relationship as they get older.

A couple of other interesting things we did while touring MN were a Christmas light show that had the “world’s only light maze.” The maze wasn’t as impressive as the brochure made it sound. The light displays were neat though. The boys loved the exploding volcano the best. T~ just wanted to sleep. Ha & I braved the crowds late Friday morning & did some shopping. We devised a plan where one of us would get in line right away while the other shopped & then we’d switch places. By the time we reached the front of the line, we were both ready to check out. It’s the only way to shop on Black Friday. We also ate at Pho Hoa, a Vietnamese restaurant in Rochester. It was pretty good. I think Ha was a little disappointed that it wasn’t “Northern” cuisine, but she enjoyed her Pho (a rice, noodle, broth soup that’s made everywhere in Hanoi). We had a quiet trip home & J~ conquered the laundry right away on Sunday. It’s good to be home & back into our routine. I’m really looking forward to Christmas break when E~ is home for almost 2 weeks, J~’s off for over a week, & we don’t go anywhere. Pure bliss.



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