12 Nov

GavinFour years ago today, at 1:48pm, our G~ entered the world. It’s been a brighter place ever since.

Here’s a few facts about today’s birthday boy.

1. G~ loves to sing & tell stories. His current favorite is Feist’s 1234 & Big Daddy Weave’s Let It Rise. He knows all the words to both songs. He has quite a repertoire of stories as well. His current favorite is about Mean Pharaoh chasing the Israelites. He was also telling our doctor today some story about snakes eating a plane. It took me a bit to realize he was talking about the cover of my Snake Sudoku book. Oh, did I mention he has a vivid imagination & a keen sense of observation?

2. His favorite thing to play is with his Playmobil. He loves his camper & pirates. Today he is the proud owner of a Playmobil house.Gavin’s House It did take me 2 hours to put it together, but it was time well spent. G~ was thrilled this morning to see he now had the house. He’s been reluctant to leave his Playmobil Zone for things like lunch, nap, & potty breaks.

3. G~ has lots of best friends. His best school friend is Griffin. His best Playgroup friend is Lael. His best church friend is Alex. His best neighborhood friend is Lance. His best, best friend is his brother E~.G & E

4. He loves The Muppet Show. He can’t get enough of the Swedish Chef & “the two cranky guys that sit in the balcony

5. G~ loves school. His favorite part of school is circle time where the read stories & sing. His least favorite part is crafts. I’m not sure why it is that both my boys have thought crafts in preschool were optional. He loves to read. His favorite books are Diary of A Worm & I Wanna Iguana.

Everyday with G~ is an adventure. I love to watch him grow & change & greatly look forward to many surprises with G~ the 4 Year Old.

I Love You.G’s Birthday



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