Weighing In (edited)

11 Nov

I’m not going to attempt to put my thoughts together on the hysteria overtaking the VN adoption community. Too many people have weighed in already & I just don’t have the time or the drive to put something together anymore. If you want, you can read the statement made by the Embassy in Hanoi. Basically, the DIA, the Vietnamese Dept. of Int’l Adoptions, shut down 2 provinces due to corruption, including baby buying. Unfortunately, T~ is from one of the provinces, Phu Tho. Anyway, from there the call for “Ethical” adoptions escalated in volume & ugliness. The website www.adoptionintegrity.com was the loudest & ugliest. They set themselves up as a voice for integrity but what it became was a slamfest for anyone who dared to disagree with their point of view & choices of “Ethical” & “Unethical” agencies. I think we are all for the same thing. It would be best for children to remain in their family of origin. We also all want our children to clearly be in need of adoption. It’s unfortunate that there’s corruption in VN adoptions. J~ & I now have to ask ourselves tough questions about T~’s beginnings. We would love to believe that T~ needed adoption. We will probably never know. In summation, it’s been a long week on the adoption front & I’ll leave it at that.

We had a nice weekend. J~ decided that it’s time to decontaminate the house. He’s working room by room, getting rid of junk, dusting, vacuuming, & organizing. He’s done our bedroom (I had forgotten what the top of my dresser looked like), T~’s bedroom (anyone in need of baby stuff?), & the living room. Next is the kitchen.

Tomorrow is G~’s birthday. He’s pretty excited. J~ will take him out for breakfast & we have a busy day of baking & errands. Just what every 4 year old boy wants to do. I need to get working on putting his gift together. The last time I assembled a Playmobil structure, it took 2 hours. I’m hoping this won’t take as long. We’ll see…

Edited 11.12.07 – Our agency, Orphans Overseas, is NOT part of the investigation. There are some agencies in Phu Tho & Thai Nguyen that are referring large numbers of babies/month. OO is not one of them. This year they will finish less than 30 adoptions. Some of these agencies are referring that many babies in one month. Unfortunately as far as the blogs go, it’s guilt by association. They are licensed in the provinces so they must be part of the problem, except that they’re not. But what use are facts? They don’t incite nearly enough hysteria & innuendo’s… Here’s the link to the Embassy statement. http://hanoi.usembassy.gov/adoptionstatement1107.html For some reason I can’t get the cool linky thing to work.



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