G~’s a Lego Learner

7 Nov

So I never made it back to the computer last night after supper. J~ took the laptop with him to a meeting & the desktop is beneath me (meaning it’s in the basement where it’s cold & overflowing with Lego’s) I’m still working on putting coherent thoughts together about all the stuff flying around in the VN adoption community. Hopefully I’ll have something done soon. I know you are all on pins & needles.

G~ has been much better recently. After his last 3 naps, he’s woken up & told me he loves me. Aww, I guess I’ll have to rethink my toe hanging device. I don’t know if he was suffering from a lack of sleep or lack of effective parenting but he’s been pleasant to be around again. He has his moments but they are not nearly as loud & plentiful. Maybe we will survive the last week of age 3.

Tonight at supper E~ & G~ were very excited because G~ is now a ‘Lego Learner’. What is that, you might be asking. Well, apparently E~ is teaching G~ the proper way to build Lego’s. E~ is showing G~ how to follow directions in the book & put everything together. They even wanted us to pray about it at supper tonight. I’ll have to post a picture of G~’s first creation after he gets it all done.



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