Miss Cranky Pants turns 11 Months

6 Nov

TovaToday marks 11 months since T~’s finding & 7 months since she’s been home with us in IL. I would like to celebrate by taking a nap & buying stock in Puffs.

The poor kid has been teething for a week & still has nothing to show for it other than an occasional case of Pink Eye, tons of drool, even more snot, & a super red nose. I can feel the 2 bottom teeth right under the gum, they just won’t break through. Last night T~ was up from 1am till 3am just complaining. She had been complaining at me all day so J~ had to take the night shift. Today she’s been a little better. Who wouldn’t be though after sleeping in until 9:30!

I have more things to blog about but it’ll have to wait until after supper.



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