On the Road Again…

9 Oct

It’s been a nice long while since we loaded the car & took a road trip. The kids were getting out of practice so this past weekend we went to MN for J~’s cousin’s wedding. It was a long, quick trip. T~ just doesn’t ride as well as the boys did. She strongly objects to being strapped into her carseat for anything longer than half an hour. It makes life interesting since we live 60 minutes from a Target & a decent restaurant & 90 minutes from a mall, to say nothing of the 6 hours to family in MN. I think most of her problem is that she doesn’t like to be still. I don’t think I’ve ever met a busier child. The girl is always on the go. She doesn’t really play anymore, just walks around the house with a toy or trash or a dish in each hand. We made the trip a little easier on our ears with the help of some Motrin on Sunday. She slept & slept & slept, it was lovely.

E~ & G~ made quick work building all the new toys in Papa’s basement. My dad now has motorized K’nex car & some sort of building system to build a rollercoaster. The Lego’s were hardly played with. E~ & Papa were working on the rollercoaster but it’ll be a while before it’s done. They were only on page 25 of a 102 page manual. E~ was a lot of help though. He’d find the pieces & put them together & Papa would add them to the coaster. E~ was pretty disappointed to have to leave it unfinished but I think he’ll have to get used to the idea. I don’t plan on leaving him at my parents house for a month any time soon so this will have to be an occasional weekend project.

My sisters made it to Roch for the weekend as well. It was great to see Cole again. I don’t think he felt the same way. Cole does not like T~. Something about her always taking his toys & his mama. They are in the same stages of early walking. Cole’s been at it a few weeks longer than T~ so they both are a little wobbly. Cole looked terrified whenever T~ entered a room. She had a tendency to take his toys & bump into him. Neither are too steady & Cole’s not so comfortable with falling. You can check out some pictures of Cole & T~ actually playing together on Becky’s blog www.romperroom.wordpress.com

Our new tent came in last week. We’re hoping to get it set up & waterproofed so we can go camping next week. The weather’s a bit of a toss up but we’ve had great experiences with fall camping so far. We’re excited to head back to Coralville IA. It’s a great state park with lots of playgrounds & hiking trails.



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